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Basic Rules When Practicing Shiatsu

There are some basic rules that should be followed before the practice of shiatsu.

  1. Wear comfortable, loose fitting clothes made of natural fibers. This will help with the flow of energy or ki.
  2. The room should be warm, quiet, have adequate space and be neat and clean. If not, this can have an adverse effect on the flow of ki.
  3. The person receiving the therapy should ideally lie on a futon (a quilted Japanese mattress) or a similar floor mat. Pillows or cushions may be used to make the person comfortable.
  4. Shiatsu should not be given or received by someone who has just eaten a large meal. Wait several hours before giving or receiving shiatsu.
  5. No pressure should be exerted on varicose veins or injuries such as cuts or breaks in bones.
  6. Although shiatsu can be of benefit to women while pregnant, there are four areas that should be avoided and these are the stomach, any part of the legs from the knees downwards, the fleshy web of skin between the forefinger and thumb, and an area on the shoulders at each side of the neck.
  7. Ensure that the person is calm and relaxed.

It is generally not advisable to practice shiatsu on people who have serious illnesses such as heart disorders, multiple sclerosis or cancer. An experienced practitioner may be able to help, but a detailed and accurate diagnosis and course of treatment is essential.

A verbal check on the person's overall health is important and also to ascertain if a woman is pregnant.

Effects After Shiatsu Treatment

The immediate effect of treatments differs with each individual. A sense of well-being is common.

Because of the deep relaxation that usually occurs and the stimulus to the major body systems, you may have some healing reactions. Some people feel cold or flu-like symptoms, aches and pains, or headaches after the first treatment. These symptoms will only last for a day or so and usually subside with each subsequent treatment. If these symptoms persist, please consult a qualified physician immediately. In general, any such effects you may experience are positive signs from your body telling you it is making an attempt to correct its own condition in a natural way. These are signs of elimination and the beginning of the healing process.

The following are some unpleasant side reactions some people get after a shiatsu treatment and the causes of the same.
bulletCoughing and generation of mucus or symptoms of a cold: The coughing and production of mucus is due to the body being encouraged to rid itself of its surplus foods (such as sugars and fats) in this form. A cold can sometimes develop when the mucus is produced, usually when the cells of the body are not healthy.
bulletA feeling of tiredness: Tiredness can occur, frequently with a person who suffers from nervous tension. After therapy has removed this stress or tension, then the body's need for sleep and rest becomes apparent.
bulletA headache or other pains and aches: There are two main reasons for these, which should only last a short time. Shiatsu redresses the balance of ki in the body. Thus, blockages in the flow of energy are released and the ki can rush around the body, causing a temporary imbalance in one part and resulting in an ache or pain. It is also possible that too much time or pressure may have been applied to a particular area. The amount needed varies considerably from one person to another. If the pain or headache persists after a few days, obtain qualified medical help.
bulletFeeling emotional: Emotional feelings can occur while the energy is being stimulated to flow and balance is regained. The feelings may be connected with something from the past that has been suppressed and so, when these emotions resurface, it is best for them to be expressed in a way that is beneficial, such as crying.

Why Some People Get No Beneficial Results From Shiatsu?

Some people may not experience any benefit from shiatsu. There are a number of reasons for this.
bulletSome people are completely 'out of touch' with their bodies and are aware only that all is not well when pain is felt. If this is so, then any beneficial effects from shiatsu may not register.
bulletMany overweight persons have a deposit of fat below the skin and around the internal organs. The body is unable to burn off this fat and this layer forms a barrier to ki. The flow is stopped. Thus, in general, overweight people do not benefit as much from shiatsu because of the difficulty in stimulating the flow of ki in the body.

Body reading

It is possible for practitioners of shiatsu, as they become increasingly experienced, to assess a person's physical and mental state of health by observing the body and forming accurate observations. If the traditional ways of eastern diagnosis are studied, this can assist greatly. The eastern methods were based on the senses of hearing, seeing, smelling and touching and also by questioning people to obtain information leading to an overall diagnosis. This is known as body reading.

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