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Feeling ki

It is possible for a person to 'feel' ki. It is also possible with training for a person to experience another person's aura or ki. It is described as a feeling of tingling or warmth. To experience the aura, your mind must be clear of other thoughts. Relaxation exercise may be employed to prepare you to experience the aura.

It is also possible for a person, by concentrating his or her thoughts and by a slight change of position, to alter the flow of ki in the body. This will have the effect of either making the person feel a lot heavier or lighter, depending on which is desired.

Kyo and jitsu energy

Oriental medicine proposes that energy is the basis for all life, and it is divided into two types known as kyo and jitsu. If the energy is low or deficient, it is known as kyo, and if there is an excess or the energy is high, it is known as jitsu.

These two factors will affect the type of shiatsu that is given. Experienced shiatsu practitioners can determine with touch what type a person the recipient is. The practice of shiatsu is altered depending on the energy level of the recipient.
bulletFor kyo types (low or deficient in energy), a gentle and sensitive touch is required, and any stretched positions can be maintained for a longer time as this will bring more energy to that part of the body. Pressure, held by the thumb or palm, can also be maintained for an increased length of time, approximately 10- 15 seconds.
bulletFor jitsu types (high or excess energy), the stretches can be done quite quickly so that the energy is dispersed, and also shaking or rocking areas of the body can have the same effect. The pressure that is exerted by the thumbs or palms should also be held for a shorter length of time, so that excess energy is dispelled.

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