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 Weight Control  Holistic-online.com

Losing That Extra Weight

Strategies for Successful Slimming

8. Double your measure when it comes to vegetables. 

Keep an eye on your portion size. Try to cut down on the portion of the meat and replace it with healthy vegetables and fruits. Instead of taking one serving of a vegetable at a time, take two--a cup of carrots instead of a half-cup. It really isn't that much. 

9. Eat Fruits For Your dessert

Instead of cakes and other calorie rich desserts, eat fruits instead. They are as filling and satisfying and tasty. Layer berries or peaches with low-fat or nonfat yogurt or frozen yogurt for a healthy parfait. 

10. Eat Slowly - Enjoy Your Meal

Conventional wisdom states, "Chew each bite of food 20 times." As it happens, there are a number of good reasons why thoroughly chewing food is healthier than scarfing it down.

Apart from the fact that medical research has shown that people who chew more slowly tend to burn up considerably more body fat than those who shovel it in, slower eaters also have fewer digestive problems. 

Eating slowly will help you to enjoy the meal as well as to minimize overeating. Buddhists have coined "insightful or contemplative eating" for the practice of eating slowly and deliberately. When you eat fast, you may not realize when you are "full." The signal only comes later. You end up loading on the food in the mean time. Make your meal a social event by having wholesome conversations with your friends and family and watch what you eat.

11 Be Easy On Your Drinking

Another way to keep the weight off is by avoiding alcoholic beverages. Drinking a few glasses of sweet wine a day can mean an extra 6,700 calories a month, which can result in a two to three pound weight gain.

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