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Weight Control Infocenter


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Everyone needs a little bit of help in losing weight as well as maintaining that loss.

Studies have shown family and friends can play a key role in helping you lose/maintain weight.

And when it come to friends, virtual friends are as effective as real friends. In one study, those who got online counseling lost about twice as much weight as those who dieted alone. So, the question is: where do you find those diet buddies?

Holisticonline.com has started a group precisely to do that. Here members help each other. You can learn from others what worked for them and what did not. You can tell them your experience. A great way to accomplish your diet objectives and to develop some lasting friendships.

To join dietbuddy, enter your email address below. Make sure that you tell us why you want to join the group. No spamming is permitted.

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You can also join the group by sending an email to:

Since new members are always signing up, and since many of our new members do not have access to the archives, we provide below some of the key communication from moderator to get you going. Please follow the steps from step 1 and do the action items for most effectiveness.

Biggest Winner Contest

Have a hard time losing weight? Need an extra incentive? Our Biggest Winner Contest May be Your Answer. A friendly contest where participants try to lose unwanted weight. The winner takes home a slimmer body and valuable prizes worth over $5000. Best of all, the contest is free. See details.

DietBuddy Selected Archives

Biggest Winner Contest

Introduction to DietBuddy

Tips To Help You Look And Feel Your Best

DietBuddy Program - Week 1

Sixteen Steps for Getting Ready to Get into the Game

Step 1 - Become Aware

Comment: Year End Goals

Step 2: How You Got Here

Using Mind Control and reprogramming to lose weight permanently

Study concludes that obese kids will have Poor Quality of Life

Step 3: Setting Goals

Step 4: Your Goals Must Be Realistic

Staying Motivated

Incorporate seeds into your diet for better health

Weight-loss and maintenance tips

Step 5: Make your goals personal

Step 6: Set a Time Frame

Action Plan for Next 2 Weeks: Suggestions for Improving your metabolism

DietBuddy Group Links

To visit DietBuddy group on the web, go to:

To send a message to DietBuddy group, send email to: dietbuddy@yahoogroups.com (You need to be a member to send messages)

To become a member of DietBuddy group (Free), send an email to: dietbuddy-subscribe@yahoogroups.com

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