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Save A Life - Know These Less Common Asthma Triggers

by Abigail Franks

If you've spent any time around an allergy or asthma sufferer, you're probably aware of some of the most common things that can trigger or cause an inflammation of the lungs airwaves are respiratory passages. These more common asthma and allergy triggers include:

Dust and Dust Mites.
Pets, Animals, and Pet Dander
Cockroaches and Bug Infestations
Certain Pollens and Natural Substances
And Some Air Pollutants

These are considered allergy related triggers that can cause an allergic reaction are asthma attack. Less common but just as difficult to live with our non-allergic type triggers and include things like exercise.

Exercising places additional demands on many bodily systems including the lungs and respiratory system. Vigorous exercise can quickly over expand the air delivery system passageways and cause an attack. Care should be taken to limit the type of exercise done.

Changes in the weather, but especially cold they are can trigger asthma symptoms quickly. Once again, if you suffer from a sensitive breathing system that's already compromised by asthma, dealing with extremely cold air can cause problems. This can be limited by breathing through a scarf to warm the air before it enters your lungs.

Strong odors have been linked to asthma symptoms, and even chronic bronchitis. Strong odors don't need to be foul-smelling to be a problem however. Strong air fresheners are perfumes can quickly trigger an asthma attack. If you are living with someone with asthma, you are already aware of checking the odors of many household products.

It's possible to limit exposure to strong odors by simply adding personal care products to your list of chemicals that need monitored for their strong odor. Limiting the use and exposure to common glues, adhesives and other chemicals typically used around the house and stored mainly in the garage can also lower the possibility of an asthma or allergy related attack.

Intense emotions and stress have also been associated with triggering an attack. This is especially true of people who have not yet developed a stable treatment plan to limit exposure to other more common triggers, or use an established medicinal treatment regimen.

Common sense is a big factor in limiting the exposure of allergy and asthma sufferers to the triggers that can cause an attack. It's only through consistent vigilance in the use of an established treatment plan, can someone suffering with allergies or asthma hope to have a relatively normal life

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About The Author:

Abigail Franks has done extensive research on asthma and it's triggers. Look at her site for valuable information on asthma and asthma triggers at http://www.asthma-treatment-resources.com

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