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Color therapy

Color therapy uses color to treat mental, emotional and physical problems and restore the whole person to health and harmony. Color can be used in many different ways. Some therapists combine it with reflexology, aromatherapy and acupuncture.

Color therapy is based on the principle that each color has its own characterisitic frquency of vibration. Everything in the world, including human body cells, also have their own unique frequency of vibration. When we are healthy and balanced, the frequency of our cells remains constant. When we get sick, this frequency changes, causing disharmony throughout our system. Color therapist exposes a patient to a color that vibrates at a required frequency needed to restore the cells to its healthy frquency state. This is believed to initiate healing.

Colors and Their Effect

Red increases circulation and energy and reduces nervousness. Red is used to treat constipation and malaise. Red should not be used if there is already too much red in the patient (indicated by an overly reddish face, fever, easy excitability or red hair).

Yellow cleanses the bloodstream and the liver while stimulating the nerves. It is good for the anxiety and depression that may accompany chronic headaches.

Blue may be used on the head or directed to the abdomen to treat the liver, which is believed to play a role in some headaches. Blue cools and soothes.

Green is considered a master-healer, good for all conditions, and for helping the body rid itself of to2de substances. Green is also a soothing and cooling color that can help to stabilize the emotions and rebuild the tissues. It is the color of energy, hope and new life.


There are many ways for the color therapist to apply the properly colored light to the patient. Sometimes a color crystal torch is used by the therapist to transmit the chosen color onto the patient's body. Other techniques are direct light, gems, jewelry, perfume, clothing and colored glass. Patients can also eat the appropriately colored foods.

Red foods include radishes, beets, tomatoes, red cabbage, red currants, red plums, watermelon, whole wheat, liver, red wine and grapes. Red metals, chemicals and other substances include barium, cadmium, copper, nitrogen, iron, neon, oxygen, potassium and zinc.

Yellow foods include bananas, banana squash, eggs, yellow cheese, yellow corn, yellow sweet potatoes, pineapples, lemons, grapefruit and butter. Yellow metals, chemicals and other substances include platinum and magnesium.

Green foods include green vegetables, peas, beans and lentils. Green metals, chemicals and other substances include barium, chlorophyll, nickel and sodium.

Blue foods include plums, grapes and blueberries. Blue metals, chemicals and other substances include copper, lead, oxygen and tin.

Color Therapy for Migraine

Radiate or expose the patient to the following colors twice a day, one after the other, locally:

Blue – thirty minutes

Violet – fifteen minutes

Cinical Studies

In a study in 1990, flashing red lights were shone in the eyes of migraine sufferers at the start of an attack using special goggles. The light intensity and the frequency of flashing could be altered. Ninety-three percent of patients had some relief from the treatment with 72 percent reporting that severe migraines could be stopped within one hour. Lights of a higher intensity and greater flashing frequency were found to be the most effective.

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