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Menopause and HRT


Alternative Medicine for Menopause


Yoga can alleviate menopausal symptoms such as insomnia, depression, hot flashes, and mood swings. The deep breathing and relaxation prescribed by yoga is beneficial in improving blood circulation, maintaining muscle tone and flexibility, and increasing the levels of mood-regulating chemicals in the brain, among other advantages. Yoga massages the internal organs, nourishing them with increased blood circulation, as well as toning the interior and exterior muscles.

Yoga provides weight-bearing exercise that encourages strong bones. And it can contribute to lower cholesterol and improve the efficiency of the heart. Thus it is beneficial for osteoporosis and heart disease, two concerns of menopausal women. Yoga sessions include a combination of breathing exercises, warm-ups, poses, and meditation.

In one of the few studies concerned with hot flashes and body management, researchers at the Wayne State University School of Medicine studied 33 women with frequent hot flashes and their responses to deep breathing, muscle relaxation, and brain-wave biofeedback. Deep breathing was associated with a significant reduction in the frequency of hot flashes, while the other two techniques had no effect. This study's small scale makes one reluctant to draw any conclusions. However, the authors speculate that deep breathing somehow works to after the sympathetic nervous system activity that gives rise to hot flashes.

The following poses might be part of a complete yoga routine that can help alleviate menopausal symptoms. It emphasizes good posture and breathing:

Stand up straight with your feet together.


Put your hands behind your back and clasp them together. Keep your arms straight.


Inhale deeply.


As you exhale, slowly bend forward, letting your arms extend straight up toward the ceiling and your head hang down gently. Try not to bend your knees.


Inhale and slowly come back up to a standing position.


Repeat two times.

Listed below are some common problems associated with menopause and yoga postures that help them. Choose one or more of the poses from the category you need to work on, or do them all, as you wish. Just be consistent. Detailed descriptions of how to do the postures can be found in our yoga section. Start with standing poses, go to the sitting poses, and end with the lying-down postures. A good practice is to start each session with the Complete Breath and end with the Corpse Pose. The idea is to relax. So, don't force your body; never cause pain. The biggest mistake beginners do is to overindulge. Go slow. Read the section for beginners of yoga in our yoga section.

These are not quick fix solutions. Natural remedies work gently with the body, over time. Make it part of your daily routine from now on. It is a good idea to check with your health care provider before beginning any exercise program.


Bow, Corpse Pose, Fish, Knee to Chest, Plow, Posterior Stretch, Uddiyana, Yoga Mudra.

Depression, Nerves, Tension

Alternate Nostril Breathing, Complete Breath, Corpse Pose, Mountain, Plow, Shoulder Stand, Sun Salutation, Yoga Mudra.


Complete Breath, Corpse Pose, Shoulder Roll, Yoga Mudra.


Scalp Stimulator, Modified Head Stand.


Cobra, Corpse Pose, Locust, Mountain, Posterior Stretch, Shoulder Stand.


Corpse Pose, Modified Head Stand, Shoulder Stand, Sun Salutation.

Menstrual Regulation

Bow, Cobra, Fish, Locust, Plow, Posterior Stretch, Shoulder Stand, Uddiyana.


Mountain, Sun Salutation.

Reproductive Organs

Bow, Cobra, Complete Breath, Kneeling Pose, Locust, Posterior Stretch, Uddiyana.


Complete Breath, Kneeling Pose, Plow, Posterior Stretch, Shoulder Stand, Uddiyana.


Including against wrinkles: Lion, Modified Head Stand, Sun Salutation, Posterior Stretch, Shoulder Stand, Yoga Mudra.

Weight Regulation

Bow, Cobra, Fish, Leg Overs, Locust, Plow, Posterior Stretch, Shoulder Stand, Side Raise, Side Stretch, Sun Salutation, Thigh Stretch, Uddiyana, Circles, Yoga Mudra.

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