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Causes of Gout

The underlying cause of gout is unknown. Gout is actually a form of arthritis brought on by an excessively high level of uric acid in the blood Specifically, it is the body's reaction to irritating crystalline deposits in the space between the bones in a joint  It is believed to be related to metabolic or renal problems. Increased production of uric acid may be the result of enzyme defects, metabolic defects, chronic anemia, kidney disease, or other complex conditions.

Nine out of 10 sufferers of gout are middle-aged men, and about half of them have a hereditary predisposition to the ailment. Gout is uncommon in women and very rare in children. Men who are overweight or are suffering from high blood pressure are particularly prone to gout.

Proper diet, nutrition, and metabolic balance play crucial roles in the prevention and treatment of gout. Meats, particularly organ meats, increase production of uric acid. Alcohol inhibits uric acid secretion by the kidneys. Both there can cause the formation of gout.

Here are some of the causes of gout:

Overabundance of Uric Acid

Gout is caused by an overabundance of uric acid crystallizing in the joints, allowing the jagged edges to produce inflammation and pain. High uric acid levels in the blood signal the first stages of gout.


Gout does run in families and is carried on through the genes.


The consumption of proteins, especially meat, rich fatty foods and alcohol promote uric acid production. Uric acid is a by-product of protein metabolism in the liver. Gout results from the excess production of uric acid.

Fungus (Fungi)

Fungi contaminate rich, fatty foods and alcohol. They are able to manufacture uric acid in the bodies of people susceptible to fungal infections. 

The factors favorable to the overgrowth of fungi and hence high uric acid production are the use of:

bulletPrescription antibiotics
bulletSteroid hormones
bulletPrednisone (and other cortisone-like drugs)
bulletExcessive sugar, alcohol, and caffeine
bulletIntake of moldy foods.

Candida and other fungi tend to thrive on anything containing refined sugar, white flour products, alcohol, the dead bodies of yeasts and other fungi, leftovers and any foods containing antibiotics (most commercial meats, dairy and poultry). Vegetarians can also get gout if they eat a lot of foods containing yeast, white flour and sugar.


Excess weight, high blood fat levels and diabetes increase the incidence of gout

Age and Sex

Men over thirty tend to be much more prone than women.


Gout attacks are triggered by stress

Other Factors

bulletInfection or surgery
bulletConsumption of quick fad diet.
bulletCertain illnesses increase uric acid production. Examples are: psoriasis, some blood disorders and cancers. 

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