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The International Classification of Sleep Disorders

1. Dyssomnias (disorders of initiating and maintaining sleep and disorders of excessive sleepiness)

A. Intrinsic sleep disorders

1. Psychophysiological insomnia
2. Sleep state misperception 
3. Idiopathic insomnia 
4. Narcolepsy 
5. Recurrent hypersomnia 
6. Idiopathic hypersomnia
7. Posttraumatic hypersomnia 
8. Obstructive sleep apnea syndrome 
9. Central sleep apnea syndrome 
10. Central alveolar hypoventilation syndrome 
11. Periodic limb movement disorder 
12. Restless legs syndrome 
13. Intrinsic sleep disorder NOS 

B. Extrinsic sleep disorders

1. Inadequate sleep hygiene 
2. Environmental sleep disorder 
3. Altitude insomnia 
4. Adjustment sleep disorder 
5. Insufficient sleep syndrome 
6. Limit-setting sleep disorder 
7. Sleep-onset association disorder 
8. Food allergy insomnia 
9. Nocturnal eating (drinking) syndrome 
10. Hypnotic-dependent sleep disorder 
11. Stimulant-dependent sleep disorder 
12. Alcohol-dependent sleep disorder 
13. Toxin-induced sleep disorder 
14. Extrinsic sleep disorder NOS

C. Circadian rhythm sleep disorders

1. Time zone change (jet lag) syndrome 
2. Shift work sleep disorder 
3. Irregular sleep-wake pattern 
4. Delayed sleep phase syndrome 
5. Advanced sleep phase syndrome 
6. Non-24 hour sleep-wake disorder 
7. Circadian rhythm sleep disorder NOS

2. Parasonmias (disorders that primarily do not cause a complaint of insomnia or excessive sleepiness)

A. Arousal disorders

1. Confusional arousals 
2. Sleepwalking 
3. Sleep terrors 

B. Sleep-wake transition disorders

1. Rhythmic movement disorder 
2. Sleep starts 
3. Sleep talking 
4. Nocturnal leg cramps

C. Parasomnias usually associated with REM sleep

1. Nightmares 
2. Sleep paralysis 
3. Impaired sleep-related penile erections 
4. Sleep-related painful erections 
5. REM sleep-related sinus arrest 
6. REM sleep behavior disorder

D. Other Parasomnias

1. Sleep bruxism 
2. Sleep enuresis 
3. Sleep-related abnormal swallowing syndrome 
4. Nocturnal paroxysmal dystonial 
5. Sudden unexplained nocturnal death syndrome 
6. Primary snoring 
7. Infant sleep apnea 
8. Congenital central hypoventilation syndrome 
9. Sudden infant death syndrome 
10. Benign neonatal sleep myoclonus 
11. Other Parasomnia NOS

3. Sleep Disorders Associated with Medical/Psychiatric Disorders

A. Associated with mental disorders

1. Psychoses 
2. Mood disorders 
3. Anxiety disorders 
4. Panic disorder 
5. Alcoholism

B. Associated with neurological disorders

1. Cerebral degenerative disorders 
2. Dementia 
3. Parkinsonism 
4. Fatal familial insomnia 
5. Sleep-related epilepsy 
6. Electrical status epilepticus of sleep 
7. Sleep-related headaches

C. Associated with other medical disorders

1. Sleeping sickness 
2. Nocturnal cardiac Ischemia 
3. Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease 
4. Sleep-related asthma 
5. Sleep-related gastroesophageo reflux 
6. Peptic ulcer disease 
7. Fibrositis syndrome

4. Proposed sleep disorders

These are the disorders for which insufficient information is available to confirm their acceptance as definitive sleep disorders.

1. Short sleeper 
2. Long sleeper 
3. Subwakefulness syndrome 
4. Fragmentary Myoclonus 
5. Sleep hyperhidrosis 
6. Menstruation-associated sleep disorderly 
7. Pregnancy-associated sleep disorder 
8. Terrifying hypnagogic hallucinations 
9. Sleep-related neurogenic tachypnea
10. Sleep-related laryngospasm 
11. Sleep choking syndrome

Source: American Sleep Disorders Association: International Classification of Sleep Disorders: Diagnostic and Coding Manual. Rochester, Minn.: American Sleep Disorders Association, 1990.

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