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 Dr. George Jacob
Heart Infocenter


Heart Disease


To proponents of Ayurveda, heart is the most vital organ. It is the seat of prana, ojas, and Atman, the true or Divine Self.

Unlike Western medicine, which considers brain as the ultimate center of control, ayurveda considers the heart as the seat of human consciousness. How we feel in our hearts is the measure of who we really are. Heart diseases reflect the deep-seated issues of identity, feeling and consciousness. It is related to crises of consciousness, feeling and identity. Emotional problems play a key role in heart disease and should always be considered when treating heart disease.

Proponents of Ayurveda suggest that the high death rate from heart disease in western countries is from the emphasis on personal achievement in the west. This leads to broken hearts or spiritual starvation. This is even true of those who may appear successful to outsiders. They are so driven by achievement that they deny their hearts. Their hearts fail from neglect.

The western lifestyle is also hazardous to the heart. The Western diet with its sweet and salty food, animal fats and fried food makes one prone to heart attacks. The sedentary and sluggish lifestyle, the lack of proper exercise, physical or emotional trauma, congenital or hereditary factors, suppressed emotions or excess strain and anxiety are cited as other causes for the high incidence of heart disease in the West.

Emotional causes play a very important role in heart diseases in Ayurveda. The heart is an organ of emotion. So, emotional causes should be considered first when evaluating the causes of heart disease. Emotional or stress triggers such as difficulties in work or relationships can lead to heart disease. Emotional imbalance can arise from two main sources:

  • We may be not in touch with our own hearts on an inner level.

  • We may be insensitive to "the hearts" or emotional needs of others.

Strategies for Preventing Heart Disease: Ayurvedic Perspective

  • Avoid or eliminate those causes leading to mental stress and instability.

  • Adopt measures that support the heart and vital essence, cleanse the blood vessels, increase knowledge and calm the mind.

  • Control sensory organs to achieve happiness.

  • Meditation

  • Diet

  • Exercise, Yoga

  • Gemstone Therapy

  • Herbal Medicine

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