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 Dr. George Jacob
Heart Infocenter


Alternative and Complementary Remedies


The following acupressure points are important in cardiovascular health:

Heart 3,  Heart 7, Liver 3, Liver 4 and Pericardium 6 

1. Ht 7 (Mind Door)

This point is considered to be the "source point" of the Heart meridian. It is very nourishing to all aspects of the heart.

Ht 7 is located on the palm side of your hand, on the wrist crease, directly below your little finger. To find it, locate the bony knob on the outside of your left wrist (the little finger side). Ht 7 can be found just next to that, in a small indentation.

Stimulate this point by pressing on it for 30 seconds with your thumb. Now, release the pressure gradually. Repeat on the other hand.

2. Pc 6 (Inner Gate)

Inner gate is important for regulating anything to do with the heart as its other name "Heart Protector" indicate. Pc 6 regulates ch'i as well as blood in the chest. Pressing this point helps strengthen the heart. It also relieves the pain or discomfort of the chest.

Pc 6 is located on the palm side of your wrist, two thumb widths above the wrist crease in the center of the arm.

You can stimulate this point with your thumb, or by curling one hand around the opposite wrist and using the middle finger. Use moderate to firm pressure. Build up the pressure gradually; hold for a minute, and then gradually release the pressure. Do the acupressure on both of your hands.

The combination of the points Li 4 and Lv 3 (described below) is a famous combination known as "the four gates." It is important for the circulation of ch'i through the entire meridian network. This controls physical and also emotional health. By breaking up stuck energy, it helps balance and harmonize us emotionally, which has a direct benefit on maintaining a healthy heart.

3. Li 4 (Adjoining Valley)

Li 4 helps to balance the flow of energy between the upper and lower parts of the body. Caution: Pregnant women should not press on this point.

To find this point, holding your left hand palm down, and fingers pointing out straight, squeeze your thumb against the other fingers. Li 4 is located in the middle of the fleshy mound that pops up between the thumb and index finger. 
With your left hand facing down, use your right hand (thumb on top, index finger underneath) to take hold of the webbing between your left thumb and index finger. Squeeze in the center of the webbing, pressing toward the bone of the index finger. Hold one minute, and repeat with the other hand.

4. Lv 3 (Bigger Rushing)

The source point of the Liver meridian, Lv 3 helps stimulate the Liver energy. It keeps all the ch'i in the body flowing smoothly. When the Liver energy goes out of balance, it can cause stagnation and imbalance everywhere else. Of all the many points on the body, this is the most effective for regulating the smooth flow of ch'i. It is the most important point for combating stress.

Lv 3 is located on the top of your foot, between the big toe and second toe. 
Start at the web margin of skin between the two toes. Now slide your index finger up between the bones until you feel a depression about 1/2 inch up.

Using your index finger, press between the bones. Start with light pressure. Increase the pressure gradually as much as you can tolerate or until you are using moderate to firm pressure. Press for about 1 minute.

Caution: Acupressure is not meant to be used as a treatment for heart attack. If you suspect a heart attack, seek emergency medical treatment immediately. 

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