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 Dr. George Jacob
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Alternative and Complementary Remedies for Arteriosclerosis And Atherosclerosis


Homeopathic remedies combined with a change in diet and lifestyle may be used to obtain relief from the symptoms of arteriosclerosis. 

Take the 6c strength twice daily for one month. Consult an experienced homeopath if no improvement results in a month.

Aconitum napellus - Useful when you are very anxious and impatient and can imagine the worst happening. Typically, a very strong pain envelops the heart and left arm. The problem is worse at night and when you are warm, and is better with rest and fresh air.

Argentum nitticum - This remedy is used when the patient is impulsive and fearful. Chest pain is stronger at night, after eating and with stress. It's better with fresh air and pressure.

Aurum metallicum - This is indicated when the patient is depressed, feels worthless and is very sensitive to pain. Symptoms include depression and night-time chest pain. The patient feels better in the summer and with fresh air.

Baryta carbonica - This remedy is indicated when the patient is very old or very young. Symptoms include hypertension, palpitations and confusion, made worse with exposure to dampness or cold.

Cactus grandiflorus - This homeopathic remedy is prescribed when the patient is sad and in great pain. The pain seems to be "squeezing" the chest, making it difficult to breathe, and is worse around noon and with exertion, but better with fresh air.

Gionoinum is recommended for relief from a pounding sensation in the arteries and a tight, congested headache.

Glonoine - Indicated when the patient is talkative but moody, thin and suspicious. The problem is worse following sleeping and a warm bath, but better with fresh air and a warm compress.

Phosphorus - This is recommended when you experience frequent fainting spells, salt cravings and feelings of nervousness.

Lillium tigrinum - This remedy is indicated when the patient is depressed and aimless, but hurried. The pain seems to strike on the left side of the body, and is made worse with heat or standing up. Fresh air and activity help relieve the pain.

Vanadium - Vanadium is indicated for fainting spells, dizziness, confusion, general mental deterioration, liver problems and feelings of heart compression.

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