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Heart Infocenter


Alternative and Complementary Remedies Angina

Shiatsu for Angina Pain

Angina pain follows the path known as Heart Meridian as defined in Oriental medicine. This meridian goes from the armpit down the arm to the tip of the little finger.

To relieve angina, apply pressure to points along the route of the pain. 
Note: The points along this meridian may be quite tender and painful when pressed.

1. Search out sore or tender areas in the chest above the nipple line. Press for a few seconds, using a slightly vibrating, rotating pressure. (Caution: Don't press on the breasts of women. Press only on points above or below.)

2. Feel under the left armpit for more tender spots, and use gentle repeated pressure of 5-10 seconds duration.

3. With the palm of your left hand facing up, use your right hand to follow the line of the heart meridian from the armpit down to the little finger, tracing along the inside of the upper arm and forearm to the hand. When you find tender spots, press and vibrate the sore areas until they feel eased.

Now, start again at the top of your arm and trace the same line again, except move an inch or so closer to the top of the bicep. This will now trace the Heart Protector or Pericardium meridian. Look for and press any tender spots. When you reach the elbow crease, press a few extra times on the point just to the inside of the biceps tendon which is located in the center of the crease.

Continue tracing down the center of the forearm across the palm to the little finger. Give particular attention to the area on the lower half of your forearm. This area has several useful points.

After working your left arm, switch and repeat this for the right arm.

Caution: These remedies are not meant to be used as a treatment for heart attack. If you suspect a heart attack, seek emergency medical treatment immediately. 

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