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 Arthritis  Holistic-online.com


The acupuncture points used will depend on the type of arthritis and where the symptoms are felt. Here are some examples. (Note: Acupuncture should be performed by an experienced and qualified therapist. Do not do this treatment yourself.)

If the arthritis is in the shoulder joints, points called the Large Intestine 15 and Triple Heater 14 might be used. (You can find this point by the little "dimples" that appear on the shoulder when you raise your arms straight out from the side of your body. )

If the arthritis afflicts the elbows, Large Intestine 11 (by the bend in the elbow) may be used. The Large Intestine 4, or "Joining of the Valleys" point on the hand may also be used. (To find this point, push your thumb against your forefinger. As you do, you'll notice a small mound of flesh popping up at the base of your thumb. The highest area on the mound is the point.)

If the arthritis is in the hip, Gall Bladder 30 (in the buttocks) may be used. 

If the problem is in the knees, the "Eyes of the Knee" points are used. (If you put your fingers on the bottom of your kneecaps and slide them off, they'll fall into a little indentation right below the kneecap. The acupuncturist will place the needle there and direct it under the knee cap.)

If the arthritis is in the foot, the acupuncture point located on the spot where the toes meet the feet will be used. 

For any arthritic problems with the face or head, Large Intestine 4 (the Joining of the Valleys point) is useful. 

In cases of arthritis at the ankle, spine and jaw, local points beside the problem areas are used.\

Acupuncture Points

For arthritis of jaw:
ST 7, SI 19, TW 17, LI 4

For arthritis of vertebrae: 
M-BW-35 (yiayi) corresponding to area of pain, UB 51, UB 40, GV 26

For arthritis of shoulder: 
LI 15, TW 14, M-VE-48 (yianneiling), SI 11, TW 3, GB 34

For arthritis of elbow: 
LI 11, TW 10, LI 4

For arthritis of wrist and metacarpal fingers: 
TW 5, 11 10, 11 5, TW 4

For arthritis of lumbosacral: 
GV 3, M-BW-25 (Shigizhuixia), UB 30, UB 26, UB 40, UB 60

For arthritis of sacroiliac: 
UB 27, UB 28, local sore points

For arthritis of hip: 
GB 29, GB 30, GB 34, GB 39

For arthritis of knee: 
M-LE-27 (heding), M-LE-15 (xixia), ST 35, ST 34, ST 36, GB 34, SP 9

For arthritis of ankle: 
ST 41, GB 40, GB 41, K 3, UB 60, GB 35, K 8

For arthritis of metatarsophalangeal: 
M-LE-41 (shangbafeng), SP 4, UB 65, GB 38, SP 5

Ear points: Sympathetic Neurogate 
Points of tenderness corresponding to region of pain in body.

Frequency of Treatment:

Daily treatment is required if you are suffering from acute arthritis. 

For chronic problems, treatment may be given every other day.

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