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Contact: Dr. Jacob Mathew
International Cyber Business Services, Inc.

(330) 733-4283
E-mail: Jacob@icbs.com
Website: www.holisticonline.com


Holistic-online.com Named The Best by Psychology Today Magazine

AKRON, OHIO: Holistic-online.com, the website founded by Hudson residents Drs. Jacob and Shila Mathew has been named the best website to learn about Ayurveda and other therapies by Psychology Today Magazine.

Holistic-online.com provides objective information on all aspects of health, with an emphasis on mind-body and alternative therapies, herbs, nutrition and stress management. The site now attracts upwards of 20,000 visitors a week and is backed by an international team of physicians and other experts. It has been rated as one of the top five websites for health on the Internet.

"Our site is being used by several researchers. The most popular areas for research seem to be prayer healing, yoga, herbal remedies and stress management. Several librarians have contacted us for further information for their clients that is not covered on the website. When we started the website, one of our objectives was to provide in-depth information. Our visitors agree that we do it well," stated Dr. Jacob Mathew, founder of Holistic-online.com and President of ICBS, Inc., in a recent interview.

Interestingly, holistic-online.com may have helped people of Yugoslavia relax during the height of the Kosovo war and bombing. "We had several emails from Yugoslavia during the war stating that they depend on the techniques recommended by our site to overcome stress," Dr. Mathew stated. "When we started the website, I would not have imagined that we would get correspondence from countries such as Greece, Maldives, Greenland, Mexico, Chile, Panama, Malaysia, China, Poland, Romania, India, Pakistan, Peru, Indonesia, etc. This also shows the power of the Internet in reaching a worldwide audience."

Holistic-online.com was founded out of the concerns of co-founder Shila Mathew, M.D., a staff psychiatrist at Kaiser Permanente Health Plan, to provide accurate information to her patients. "These days, more than ever, it is important that you take control of your own treatment," stated Shila. "And this requires knowledge." Holistic-online.com provides that well. The site has a complete nutrition database on line. It also has the largest herbal database on the internet along with safety aspects of herbs, something that is very difficult to find anywhere else. And her patients overwhelmingly approve of the website. During a recent meeting at Beachwood, several of Dr. Mathew's patients showed up "just to let her know how much we appreciate her efforts."

For many loyal supporters, holistic-online.com has become the destination to check up on contradictory messages they get from their own herbalists and others. For example, several months ago, Dr. Mathew was contacted by several people asking about the solicitation for a "Vitamin-O," they received. After investigating the matter further, Dr. Mathew observed that there is no evidence that the product works and recommended that they not purchase it. Instead, he advised them to "take daily walks in a park breathing the oxygen for free." Recently, US government has pressed fraud charges against the manufacturer of Vitamin-O for selling a "worthless substance" and promoting it to unsuspecting people.

One of the earliest supporters for the website has been the world renowned Karen Olness, M.D., of Case Western Reserve University and Rainbow Babies and Children's Hospital of University Hospitals. Dr. Olness had been a champion of mind-body medicine from its infancy. She had been featured several times on Public T. V. and is a member of the advisory council of the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine at the National Institutes of Health. Dr. Olness frequently praises Dr. Mathew's efforts in developing the website as a "labor of love." Dr. Olness, Dr. Marion Good, Associate Professor of School of Nursing at Case Western Reserve University and the mind body interest group at Case Western Reserve University, were early supporters of holistic-online.com.

So what's next for Holistic-online.com? "We have barely scratched the surface," says Dr. Mathew. "Everyday, I get e-mails from people requesting new topics in the website. In response, one of the new areas we are working on is information about and alternatives to Hormone Replace Therapy (HRT) and menopausal issues. We are also wrapping up our cancer section. Cancer therapy is one of the most requested features by our visitors, as it touches most of the people and there is very little objective information available about alternative treatments. We are working with several well-known experts in the field, including one physician from Israel, to give complete coverage of the topic. We expect, when unveiled, this area will even eclipse our stress management site as the most popular destination in holistic-online.com."

Developing the Holistic-online.com health information site was an easy leap of faith for Dr. Jacob Mathew, whose own business, International Cyber Business Services, Inc., (www.icbs.com) develops interactive web sites, e-commerce and enterprise solutions for businesses. ICBS has already developed several award winning websites.


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