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Contact: Dr. Jacob Mathew
International Cyber Business Services, Inc.
24 Canton Road,
Akron, Ohio 44312
(330) 733-4283


Enthusiasm of Medical Community, General Public Lures Local Manufacturing Executive To a New Venture

AKRON, OHIO--A unique health information web site, HolisticOnLine (www.holisticonline.com), has grabbed the attention of physicians, nutritionists, mind/body experts, religious leaders and everyday citizens throughout the world! HolisticOnLine was recently established by Jacob Mathew, Ph. D., former president of Summit Manufacturing Inc., Cleveland and Shila Mathew, MD , a staff psychiatrist at Kaiser Permanente Health Plan. A perfect marriage of two very popular trends—alternative medicine and the Internet--the site is designed to provide objective health information on a huge host of topics, integrating both conventional and alternative medicine. HolisticOnLine is the most interactive, objective web site for health information in existence--and the experts are taking notice!

HolisticOnLine got its start from Dr. Shila Mathew’s concerns about some of her patients, who were taking a variety of herbal remedies without understanding the possibly dangerous interactions they might have with prescription drugs. Notes Dr. Mathew, "My patients started to ask me questions about St. John’s Wort, ginseng, chickweed and other herbal remedies. To my horror, I discovered that taking some of these herbs along with certain prescribed drugs could be very dangerous. For instance, St. John’s Wort should not be combined with some prescription anti-depressants. Other patients wanted me to explain various options for SAD--Seasonal Affective Disorder, commonly known as ‘the winter blues.’ A typical doctor simply doesn’t have the time or the knowledge to explain all the ramifications of alternative treatments, but our patients need this information."

When Dr. Mathew discussed her concerns with her husband, Dr. Jacob Mathew, something clicked in his mind—and HolisticOnLine was born. Developing the new health information site was an easy leap of faith for Dr. Jacob Mathew, who had already left a promising career as president of Summit Manufacturing, Inc. to start his own business, International Cyber Business Services, Inc. (Note: ICBS develops interactive web sites, e-commerce solutions and enterprise solutions for businesses of all sizes and was recently named an Ameritech Enterprise Solution Provider.)

HolisticOnLine, in operation for just a few months, has already had visitors from every corner of the globe. The site covers all the alternative therapies, with a special emphasis on mind-body medicine, and has in-depth coverage of all major alternative therapies. A nutrition database and information about vitamins are accessible online, plus extensive herbal information that includes descriptions of herbs’ possible interactions with prescription drugs. Herbs from India, China, Africa, South America, Europe and the United States are profiled. The layperson can search the site using common names while physicians may choose to look them up via their scientific names.

Many notable physicians and other experts in a variety of fields are very excited about this unique health information site. Karen Olness, MD, the founder of the mind-body medicine group at Case Western Reserve University and a world-renowned expert in biofeedback and hypnotism at University Hospitals of Cleveland, recently described HolisticOnLine as "a truly world-class web site for those interested in mind-body medicine."

For more information about HolisticOnLine, visit the web site at www.HolisticOnLine.com, or call Jacob Mathew at (330) 733-4283 or email info@holisticonline.com.


HolisticOnLine is developed and maintained by International Cyber Business Services, Inc.
Send mail to: info@holisticonline.com with questions or comments about this web site.