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Soar into a Stress-Free Spring
by Sally Veillette

(Feature Source) Imagine waking up each day, fully “open” to the world around you – arms out, chest wide, heart exposed and guard down. Nothing could faze you, not even rush hour traffic, disgruntled coworkers, jam-packed shopping malls, rude people, criticism, complaints or rejection. You could soar through each obstacle that came your way.

It can happen. All you need to do is make a few key changes and then you will find yourself soaring openly through hours, days, weeks and maybe even months!

The human ability to soar tips the scales, allowing us to reach higher heights and to glide through the routine. The key ingredient to soaring is courage to make a bold directional change. Or, to put it more bluntly, you have to jump off the cliff you’re clinging to and leap into the wind.

One of the first steps you can take to living a more stress-free life is to lighten up some personal baggage. Here are six steps to help you lighten the load and clear the air in preparation for personal soaring. 1. Handle tension immediately– When tension arises, handle it as soon as possible. This means talk it out, walk it out and ask for clarification as need be.

2. Nix the negativity– Learn how to complain about something without the whine, using a natural voice and showing clarity of purpose. Better yet, ask specifically for what you need with clear, decisive, forward movement.

3. Ax the assumptions– Ask questions to ensure squeaky-clean air, free of assumptions. Start at square one and build up from there.

4. Eliminate exaggerations– Exaggerations can leave a residue in a room, creating a communication roadblock. Be more precise with your statements and watch your clarity bring light to your relationships.

5. Be honest–How refreshing to find a person who will tell you about that piece of lettuce in your teeth, the mascara under your eye or the fly that’s unzipped. Clean air has to be full of honesty.

6. Laugh a lot– Focus on finding the humor in something and give it a good belly laugh. The air instantly clears.

At first glance these six suggestions may seem difficult, but they’re not – think of them as “energy to follow.” Step by step you’ll lighten up, harness the energy within, and SOAR into your future on strong wings. Bold. Confident. Free of stress and full of unquenchable energy.

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Sally Veillette is author of “Coming to Your Senses: Soaring with Your Soul” (Pop the Cork Publishing, $19.95, www.gettheglow.com). A motivational speaker and author, she has traveled around the world sharing the get-your-glow-back principles contained in “Coming to Your Senses.”

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