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Learning To Like Ourselves

The messages we receive from other people and from the media are largely negative. Bad news gets more attention than good news. 

This seeps into our day-to-day lives as well. If we admire some aspect of ourselves we are seen to be conceited. If we say negative things about ourselves, people will console us. 

We were rewarded for misery since our childhood ; we are offered candy or hugs when we are unhappy. No rewards for our laughter and happiness! Some people like the attention and sympathy. So they purposely distort the facts and tell others all the troubles and miseries they have. After some time, their sub-conscious mind will start believing what they are saying and start acting accordingly. Soon they will have reasons to be unhappy for real. Do not get into this trap. See the positive rather than the negative in you.

Optimism and a positive attitude promote good health. Research shows that the optimistic persons have healthier immune system. Pessimistic expectations breed negative experiences. 

How can you incorporate these into your own life? Be grateful. No matter how bad things might appear, you can see a silver lining. There is someone who has worse problems. Misery loves companions. Reach out to such people. This will help both parties.

Make a conscious effort towards finding good things. As far as possible stay away from pessimistic people. Don't get drawn into other people's misery. Catch yourself if you are whining and stop. Your stress levels will benefit immediately.

We all can make a deliberate choice between being negative or positive, happy or unhappy. Say and believe in the following:

bulletYou are unique.
bulletThere is no one like you in the whole world.
bulletEnjoy and cherish the feeling that you are special.
bulletRemember your successes when you are feeling defeated.

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