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How to Shed Your Stress this Spring

(Feature Source) Long days at work, lack of sunlight and cold weather drives many to the brink of temporary insanity.

“Winter can drain even the fullest energy cup,” says Sally Veillette, author of “Coming to Your Senses: Soaring with Your Soul” (Pop the Cork Publishing, $19.95, www.gettheglow.com). “But with a little practice, even at your most stressed out, you can learn how to walk gracefully through life and stay light, bright and shining -- no matter what kind of craziness is going on.”

A motivational speaker and author, Veillette has traveled around the world sharing the get-your-glow-back principles contained in “Coming to Your Senses.” She’s helped people struggling with change, fatigue or lack of direction.

A graduate from Brown University, Veillette spent fourteen years working in marketing, advertising, and management in the high technology field before her energy was completely sapped by chronic fatigue syndrome.

After a long struggle to overcome her affliction, Veillette hiked to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro, turned her company around and left the corporate world to teach others about energy mastery. She offers inside secrets to help you soar and the free report “10 Ways to Discover Your Deepest Passion” at www.gettheglow.com.

Here, Veillette reveals her tried-and-true tips to help you tame tension, keep the holidays sane and get your spirit glowing “brighter than 10,000 twinkle lights.”

1)Put first things first.  

Eat, drink and get enough rest. Give the body what it needs to do its job. It’s easy to get overextended during the holiday season, but take time to power your engines. It will help you stay real.

2)Breathe it out

One good breath can take off even the hardest holiday edge.

3)Talk it out.

If something is bothering you, talk about it. Get to the bottom of what’s really bothering you. Is it REALLY the hustle and bustle of the crowded mall, or is it something else?

4)Act it out.  

When visiting family members get your blood boiling, you may need to tame tension with physical movement. Beat a pillow, scream at the top of your lungs or rip a telephone book in two (although it’s probably best to do this in private)!

5)Write it out.  

Set aside time to get your thoughts on paper. Write in your journal. Or, write an e-mail or letter to a stranger that inspires you. Ask Martha Stewart for advice on entertaining, Teddy Roosevelt for advice on leadership, or Marilyn Monroe for advice on being a fun woman. Go wild.

6)Take a nap.  

Feeling totally frazzled from shopping, entertaining and traveling? Take an adult “time out.” Give yourself five minutes or five hours.

7)Let nature take its course.  

Get out of the holiday hubbub and escape into nature – the mountains, sea, backyard or the local park. If you’re pressed for time, candles can take the place of a roaring bonfire.

8)Break it up.  

Take things one step at a time. It will help you break down anxiety. If wrapping a mountain of gifts, planning the office party or even unloading the dishwasher seems too hard (or dull), focus on achieving just one step of the process at a time.

9)Be alone.  

No matter how spirited the season, sometimes it’s just better to be alone. Schedule some “self” time and be sure to keep your date.

10)Massage the madness away.  

Give yourself a gift. When the stress starts to make your head pound and muscles tighten, slip away for a massage. If holiday spending has left your bank account a little low, seek out a massage school. Massage schools always need bodies to practice on and will work out all your tension for free or for a minimal charge.

And if all else fails, “Fake it,” says Veillette. “Pretend you are a person who is clear, stable, and true. Do what you think a person like that would do!”

Eventually, the snow will melt, the air will warm, the sun will shine, and you will find yourself glowing brighter than you ever dreamed possible.

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Visit www.gettheglow.com to get the free report “10 Ways to Discover Your Deepest Passion” or to get your copy of “Coming to Your Senses: Soaring with Your Soul.” Learn how to ignite – and keep – a 10,000-Watt glow!

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