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Welcome To Stress Management Infocenter in Holisticonline.com

A recent survey showed that 70-90% of us feel stressed at work and outside. Today's fast paced lifestyle is putting a toll on us. Unless we learn to manage stress, we will get sick. But it doesn't have to be that way. There are steps we can take to manage stress. We, at holisticonline.com, want to provide you with all the information you need to manage your stress.

You will learn how to detect symptoms of stress, recognize diseases that are often mistaken for stress,  and common sense ways to manage and prevent stress. Prevention and cure are the two limbs of stress management.

We are looking for your experience in managing your stress. Please send us an e-mail. Alternately, you can use our discussion forum.

If you are a practitioner or a physician and would like to contribute to holisticonline.com, please let us know. Thank you and enjoy!

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Introduction: Stress - It's Widespread and Deadly

Origins of Stress

Our Body’s Reaction to Stress (GAS)

Early warning Signs of Stress

Physical signs and symptoms of stress

Emotional signs and symptoms of stress

Cognitive/perceptual signs and symptoms of stress

Behavioral signs and symptoms of stress

Signs of Stress in Workplace

Long Term Implications of Stress

Physical Disorders Caused By   Stress

Emotional Disorders Caused By Stress

Behavioral Disorders Caused By Stress

Stress and Aging

Job Satisfaction vs. Sick Leave and /or Absenteeism

The Effects of Stress on Body

Decision Making Under Stress

Good Side of Stress

Do you feel overstressed? Check this list.
Checklist for Handling Overstress
Commonsense Remedies for Stress

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Alexander Technique


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Color therapy

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Other therapies

There are several ways to manage stress. Examples: learning time management, a positive outlook, a touch of humor, taking nature walks, listening to music, taking a soak in a tub, etc.

Coping With Stress: Intervention Strategies And Their Applications

Coping With Stress: Remedial Actions


Positive Thinking

Be Assertive

Get Organized/Time Management



Diversion and Distraction



Drink Water

Time with your pets


Deep Breathing

Nature Walks and Imagery

A Warm, Hot Bath

Music Therapy

Ways to cope with stress by Kathleen Whitmer

36 Christian Ways to Reduce Stress

How I manage My Stress and Pain By Chimanlal Patel, Ph. D.

How Do I Handle My Stress? By Ellen Nelson

Stress is something very personal. It depends on how we look and interpret what is happening around us. Only we can control our stress by learning to look at life differently. Here, let us take a look inside us and learn how we can nurture a positive environment.

Positive Thoughts, Positive Feelings

Learning To Like You

Take Time To Do The Things You Enjoy

Share Your Feelings

Awareness and Self-Awareness

The Way to Inner Peace

Spiritual Side

There are some diseases that look similar to stress. Check these symptoms. If you have them, visit your doctor and have a thorough check-up.

Visit Your Doctor When

Guest Columns

Can You Release Stress With Reiki - What Is It And Does It Work?
You can release your stress with Reiki (pronounced Ray Key). The
combination of these two Japanese words means Universal Life Energy.

Breathe For Your Own Good
Deep breathing slows down the electrical activity of the brain and in doing so, it becomes a powerful relaxation technique that promotes healing on a physical, emotional and spiritual level.

Stress and Concentration
Those who are under stress, yet refuse to get help for it, need to understand the relationship between stress & concentration in order to understand why they need to relax.

Stress May Raise Cholesterol Levels
A team from University College London, UK has found that stress appears to raise cholesterol levels over the long-term in some people, potentially increasing the risk of heart disease.

Reduce Stress and Strengthen Your Immune System: 10 Natural Ways to Relax and Rejuvenate
Learning how to effectively manage stress can mean the difference between being robust and full of life, or becoming susceptible to illness and disease. Stress can weaken the immune system and accelerate the aging process.

Effects of Stress
You may not realize it but your emotional health directly affects your physical health. So in addition to making sure you are eating healthy and using a fitness program, you have to maintain a healthy emotional state.

Q-Tip is a good choice for an acronym that’s going ‘round in motivational workshops these days: Quit Taking It Personally! I have a jar of those little white-tipped tools on my vanity, and every morning they remind me to use this quick-and-easy stress reduction technique: Q-Tip It! 

See The Positive in All Situations
When all seems to be doom and gloom, there are still positive possibilities; you just have to look for them. Too often, we only focus on the negatives.

Let the Holidays Be
Though the holiday season is supposed to be a time of celebration and love, it often brings with it stress and anxiety beyond what we experience during the other ten months of the year.

Beat Xmas Stress
How to beat the stress and keep your sanity as a parent.

What Produces Stress? A Paradox
It could be stated with a high if not absolute degree of accuracy, that uncertainty produces over-stress - quite a lot of over-stress. If that's the case then the opposite (certainty) would be a great antidote for this modern "disease". So how is one supposed to be rid of uncertainty?

How to Shed Your Stress this Spring
Ten steps to tame tension and get your spirit glowing brighter than 10,000 twinkle lights.

Soar into a Stress-Free Spring
The human ability to soar tips the scales, allowing us to reach higher heights and to glide through the routine. The key ingredient to soaring is courage to make a bold directional change.

Improve Your Breathing to Reduce Stress and Increase Your Performance
By Ingrid Bacci, Ph.D.
I learned to improve both my health and my professional performance by making it a priority to breathe in a deep, relaxed manner in all my activities. In this article, we will explore how other people have used breath awareness to transform their lives in positive directions. Read full article.

The Power of Pets by Sally Abrahms

In The News
Stress-related estrogen loss increases heart attack risk

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