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 Weight Control  Infocenter


Weight Control Infocenter

DietBuddy Archives

Week1: Sixteen Steps for Getting Ready to Get into the Game
Step 1 - Become Aware

by Dr. Jacob Mathew, Moderator, DietBuddy

Your thoughts determine your actions. Your actions determine your habits. Your habits determine your character. And your character gives birth to your destiny. —UNKNOWN

The following is an edited excerpt from Judy Molnar's Book, "You Don't Have to be Thin to Win." Chapter 2

Judy talks about the process or journey:

"The process of making changes in your life is just that—a process. When faced with the opportunity to make positive changes in your life, it helps to give some thought to developing a strategy to make those changes happen. Like everyone who wants to improve his or her health, there are two areas that I had to focus on changing when I made a decision to get healthy: exercise and diet.

I looked at my life as a teeter-totter, and my job was to stop the bouncing up and down and create a balance. I'm not talking only about the weight highs and lows. I'm also talking about the mental ups and downs. For me, balance meant not only improving the physical but also developing a spiritual and mental self. You might see this as heart, body, and mind. I had known the many ups and downs of dieting. I had to focus my attention inward to get myself in balance.

I even came up with a motto, "Finding It My Way." Then I took a few steps toward making changes. "

First Judy defined some "Mini-goals" These are the goals for each and every day. Judy's mini-goals were:

bulletGoal number 1: eating right. 
bullet Goal number 2: getting out the door to exercise. 
bullet Goal number 3: deciding each day is going to be a great day.

Note how she brings up the mind-body aspect - affirmation- into the goals (#3)

The changes took time, but Judy took it step by step. She gives the following map on how to "find it your way":


Step 1:    Become aware

Judy had to become aware of where she came from, then figure our where she needed to go. This meant taking a good, honest look at herself—the things she did and why she did them, both positive and negative. What was working in her life and what was not?

This is something I highly recommend that each of you do too.

Judy started this process by taking time to write and reflect on how she was going to make some changes in her life. One of the first things she did was write down some of the things that she needed to work and focus on.

According to her, You don't have to write a lot—sometimes just a few words will say all you need to say.

Here is a quick list Judy came up with:

bullet Do it for me. 
bullet Admit fears. 
bullet Concentrate on the small steps.    
bullet Surround myself with supportive people.    
bullet Admit it's okay to slip. 
bullet Self-care is not being selfish. 
bullet Share vulnerability. 
bullet Be committed. 
bullet Trust myself and others. 
bullet Add structure to my life. 
bullet Focus on the positive. 
bullet Be responsible to myself. 
bullet Forgive myself.

Again notice that these cover all aspects of her life - not just the body. It is a way to bring mind, body, and soul to the process. You have to nourish all of them.

Next Judy, prepared a list of action items. What does she need to do to accomplish the things listed above? Here is her short list:

bullet   Running 
bullet   Weight training 
bullet   Doing new things 
bullet   Playing volleyball           
bullet   Taking a wellness class         
bullet   Going to church 
bullet   Reading motivational books 
bullet   Eating for me 
bullet   Creating a new lifestyle of my own

Action Item for DietBuddies

1. Start making a list of things you want to accomplish in life—no matter how far out of reach they seem to be.  This list is going change. You will add things to the list as you progress in the path.

2. Prioritize the list. Make a short list of things you want to accomplish. It is important to zero in on some of your goals. Others can be added later.

3. Now prepare some action items to accomplish these things.


Comment: Year End Goals

Step 2 How You Got Here

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