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 Weight Control  Infocenter


Weight Control Infocenter


Introduction to DietBuddy

by Dr. Jacob Mathew, Moderator, DietBuddy

Welcome to DietBuddy, a service of Holisticonline.com

Please read this document to understand how dietbuddy operates and how we can help you. It also outlines what your responsibilities are.

Our Goal:

Our goal is to promote your health. To be healthy, you should be healthy in mind, body and soul. That means that we should be aware of our emotional health as well as our physical health.

Our Plan:

People very often get into unhealthy eating habits because of stress-related factors. We eat when we are upset, depressed or bored! Sometimes we eat when we are not even aware that we are eating, for instance, when we are watching TV. Just starting a diet without addressing the root cause of your health problems first is not going to be of any benefit to you. Therefore, the first phase of our program is to develop awareness. By introspection, we will learn how we got to where we are today.

Once we are aware of our current situation, the second phase is to develop a reasonable plan to get into a healthy lifestyle. In other words, we should create a workable plan as to where we want to be in 1 month, 3 months, 1 year, 5 years and the rest of our lives. Many of us have picked up this baggage over a life time; so aiming to correct all of this in 1 month may not be feasible and could even be dangerous. At this point we need to develop some reasonable yet challenging goals. We will provide you with the tools to do so.

Once the short and long term goals are agreed upon, we need to break them into action items. What do we have to do to accomplish those goals? Break these action items into daily, weekly, monthly and yearly tasks. Make them as specific as you can. Put a date next to it indicating when it will be completed. These are small steps, which when accomplished, will take us to our goal. Small steps make the whole plan manageable. We can celebrate small successes. We also know how this fits into the "big picture". In other words, action steps are the individual steps of our journey of 1000 miles.

The next step is to communicate your goals and plan to your friends, family and dietbuddies. We can examine the plan for you and make suggestions but it is up to you to decide whether you want to change it at all. It is your plan.

We will, however, consider your agreed-upon strategic plan as a contract. We are here to help you stay committed to that contract!

We will keep a tab on how you are progressing with your plan. You will be asked to post weekly and monthly progress reports. If you are slipping in your goals, you will have to explain why and present to us the corrective steps you will take to ensure the slip-ups won’t be repeated. Some people may resent this but in order for this plan to be most effective and productive, it has to be followed. As buddies, you are accountable to us and vice versa.

We are not here to judge you. We are all in this together. Together, we can conquer the world! Remember, a genius is an ordinary person who can do an outstanding job!

This is a short summary of our plan. If you were not with us from the beginning, please visit the Yahoo Group, read through the early archives and make sure that you complete the ”assignments". If you do not have a Yahoo ID, you can read the key articles at http://holisticonline.com/remedies/weight/dietbuddy/default.htm.

Diet Buddy Mail Delivery Options

For those of you who are not familiar with Yahoo Groups, here are few tips on how to choose which way you want to receive the messages.

1. For example, you can receive the messages as soon as they are posted. This is great if you want to go into a chat mode with other dietbuddies. In this case, you will choose the option "Individual emails."

2. Individual email option may not be good if you prefer to not receive too many emails. In that case, you can choose to receive a "daily digest". Here the messages from the previous day are collected and sent together as a digest. This way, you will only get one email a day. The disadvantage is that there is a time delay but for most people this may be an acceptable compromise.

3. There is a third option of not receiving any email at all. In this case you will have to go to Yahoo Groups and read the emails. This option is a good one when you go on vacation and you do not want your mailbox filled.

If you are already a Yahoo Groups Member (free signup at http://groups.yahoo.com ), you can change your email preferences at the site. (Use the Edit Membership option.)

When you join, you are automatically set as receiving "daily digest" unless your profile shows that you are already a Yahoo Group Member. In that case, it is set as all emails. Change that if you like. (If you don't want to bother going to Yahoo groups but would still like to change the email option, send a personal email to the moderator at dietbuddy@icbs.com with your email address as listed in the group and I will change it for you (Please do not send the request to the group) .

No Spamming

Spamming is strictly prohibited. Anyone caught spamming will be removed and banned from the group immediately.

Please do not make comments that will hurt people. We are here to help people, not hurt them. No racial, sexist comments, please. Respect each other.


To get the maximum benefit from dietbuddy, you will need to participate in the discussions and complete the action items or tasks in a timely fashion.

When you participate actively, other members will get to know you. This will help them to support you. Friends help friends.

Please share your experiences and knowledge with others. Listen to what they have to say.

People have different opinions. Those opinions may differ from yours. That is OK. Please keep an open mind and read the messages carefully. If you have experience in any topic that is raised please contribute what you can.

Whatever you do, do not indulge in personal criticism or make fun of others, etc. We have to suffer this from others everyday and the last place we want to see more of it is in this list.

This is strictly a member-helping-member format. In order for it to work, everyone has to contribute. Give and take.

Remember, you cannot learn how to ride a bike by reading a book or attending a lecture.

Similarly, sitting and reading dietbuddy is not going to take care of your health. You will have to "do" it. You may have to undergo some sacrifices. (No pain, no gain.) I hope that you will take the first step today. We will lift you up if you stumble. Then we will ride with you.


We gratefully acknowledge the help of Louise, one of the dietbuddies, in proofreading, and editing this document. Great job Louise!


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