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Weight Control Infocenter - DietBuddy

Biggest Winner Contest

Contest Details


Monthly winners:

The winner will be featured prominently on http://holisticonline.com with before and after pictures and story on how he/she it. Depending on the number of contestants, We may also feature runner ups.

Quarterly Winners:

In addition to promotion in holisticonline.com, the winner will be awarded a prize (not yet determined.)

Grand Prize:

Category A: Biggest Winner

An Akoya pearl (AAA+ grade) necklace with a custom diamond/gold clasp. Its estimated replacement value is $5000 - $15,000 The grand prize is donated by specialgifts.com . This will be an item that will last a few generations and, hopefully, your successors will be telling their kids how grandma or grandpa won it by losing most weight! When you go to a party and everyone's eyes are magnetically attracted to this jewelry, you will be telling them how you won it! If this is not a motivation to lose weight, I don't know what will be!!

More Details of the Grand Prize

Category B: Ideal Weight

The grand prize for this category is not announced yet.

How To Enter the Contest:

1. If you are not already a member, become a member of DietBuddy, a peer group of like-minded people helping each other lose weight and develop healthy habits. Here, you can learn from others what worked for them and what did not. You can tell them your experience. A great way to accomplish your diet objectives and to develop some lasting friendships.

To join the group, click below:

Click here to join dietbuddy
Click to join dietbuddy

You can also join the group by sending an email to:

More details of DietBuddy can be found here.

2. Complete the appropriate forms. You can find it here.

3. Take your weight at the beginning of the contest. Have two other persons unrelated to you certify your weight. Now take a photograph of you holding that day's newspaper with the date clearly shown so that the date of the photo can be verified.

4. At the last day of the month, take your weight and report it to the contest coordinator. This should be continued on the last day of every month. This will ensure that you are considered active participant in the contest. If you miss reporting, please send an explanation as early as you can within 15 days. Although you will not be eligible to win any prices that month, this will ensure that you are continuing in the program and eligible to win the subsequent eligible prizes.

Note: In order to give some leeway for people who may be traveling, or otherwise not available on the last day of the month, we will accept the report within 4 days of the last day giving you essentially a window of a week to report. So, if the last day of the month falls on the 30th, you can report from 27 to 3rd and still considered in to have filed the reports on time.

5. The winner will be announced on the first week of the month after all the reports are in. If you are a winner, then you have to take a picture of you holding the day's newspaper. Also have your weight certified by two other persons. (Send this no later than a week after the winners are announced. (You do not have to take the pictures and the independent certification if you do not qualify for any prizes that month. But you still have to file the report of your weight status to be eligible to continue as an active contestant.)

This procedure will be continued till the end of the contest.

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