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 Weight Control 


Weight Control Infocenter - DietBuddy

Biggest Winner Contest

Contest Details

Purpose of the Contest:

Lose weight the fun way. The contestants will be competing with each other to see who will lose the most weight. Everyone wins - because you lose the unwanted weight.
The winner will get valuable prizes as an added incentive.

Duration of the contest - 12 months. There will be winners every three months (quarter). Interim winners will be announced every month. The big winner will be at the end of the 12 months. You will get to know how others in the contest are performing and can make adjustments as you go along. But remember this is a friendly contest. Everyone cheers the others along to help them lose weight. Let us show some true sportsmanship.

Entering the contest Late:

We will allow new contestants to enter after the contest officially starts; but they will be competing with those who started from day 1. So, it may be tough to win the grand prize; but the entrants will have a good shot at winning the monthly and quarterly recognitions.

All the contestants who join the contest on or before February 15, 2006 will be eligible to win the Grand Prize. If you join after February 15, 2006, you will not be eligible to win the grand prize. You can win the other prizes.

How is the winner determined:

The contestants will determine and report their weight on the first day of the contest (December 1, 2005).

They will determine and report their weight on the last day of every month. (eg., Jan 31, 2006, February 28, 2006, etc.)

Category A: Biggest Winner: Maximum Weight Loss

The judges will select the winner based on the most weight lost percentage.

Note: In order to give some leeway for people who may be traveling, or otherwise not available on the last day of the month, we will accept the report within 4 days of the last day giving you essentially a window of a week to work with. So, if the last day of the month falls on the 30th, you can report from 27 to 3rd.


  Contestant 1 Contestant 2 Contestant 3
Weight on December 1, 2005 250 300 200
Weight on December 1, 2006 200 246 170
Weight lost (pounds) 50 54 30
Percentage weight Lost 20% 18% 15%

Notice that the contestant 1 is the winner in the above scenario although contestant 2 lost more weight in the absolute scale. That is because the percentage of weight lost is more in case of contestant 1.

In order to avoid the embarrassing situation in case no one really loses a significant amount of weight, no prize will be awarded if the weight lost is less than 15%.

Category B: Reaching/Maintaining Ideal Weight

In this category, the objective is to reward people who reach/maintain their ideal body weight as determined by the Body Mass Index. This category is ideally suited for those who are close to their ideal weight and the emphasis is on maintaining their weight as well as reaching there. Credit will be given to amount of weight lost to reach the ideal BMI as well as maintaining the weight at the ideal level. The exact formula is not yet determined. We will let you know about it as soon as it is determined.

Body Mass Ratio is described here:


Body Mass Index Table can be found here:


All the contestants will be considered for winning prizes on either of these categories. However, the same person cannot win both prizes.

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