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Weight Control Infocenter


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Action Plan for Next 2 Weeks
Suggestions for Improving your metabolism

by Dr. Jacob Mathew, Moderator, DietBuddy

Several of our dietbuddy members have expressed concern that their metabolism is not working right. In fact, in most of alternative medicine, a great deal of thought goes into the issues of metabolism and waste management from the body. If the food is not digested efficiently, the body does not get the necessary nutrients. If the waste from the digestion is not removed promptly, it accumulates in our digestive track and creates poisonous toxins. For example, in Ayurveda, the traditional Indian medicine, the two most important factors that affect health is agni (digestive fire) and ama (toxic waste). So, lot of thought goes into managing them.

We need to stimulate our digestive fire. One way to do that is by following 'Ginger Routine for digestion.' You can read about it at:


Ginger is a very important herb (available in grocery stores) that has great effect on digestion and metabolism.

Along with this, start drinking some warm water. Those 10 cups of water you are drinking now - make it warm water. It helps the metabolism.

Better still, is to drink herbal tea. You can find recipes of herbal teas at:

Herbal Teas

And two particularly good teas are:

Ginger, Cinnamon, Clove Tea

Ginger, Cumin, Coriander Tea


Chew on a slice of ginger 30 minutes before eating. This will stimulate the digestive fluids in the body so that when we eat they are ready to break the food down. Also drink 2 glasses of warm water (or warm herbal tea) before eating. This cleans your system. Plus it also fills your stomach so you don't have to eat much to feel you are "full."

Also, for the next 2 weeks, let us all quit taking any type of refined sugar. No cookies, no sweet cereals, etc. You can take low-fat plain yogurt, but not fruit yogurt (it has added sugar). Sugar adds empty calories and is the number one buster of our diet.

To summarize, the action items for next 2 weeks:

1. Abstain from all sugar
2. Follow ginger routine given above.
3. Drink 10 cups of warm water (preferably herbal tea) every day.
4. Chew on a slice of ginger 30 minutes before eating. Drink 2 cups of warm water (herbal tea) before eating.
5. Eat only wholesome food - no junk food.

Let me know how you all feel after starting this routine. Guaranteed to work if you follow it faithfully.

Comments from Louise, a DietBuddy Member

I read this post with great interest and I thought I would offer another idea to the members ... I have been drinking ginger tea for years and I think it's been quite helpful with my digestion and metabolism. I simply cut off a slice of fresh ginger root and fill my cup with hot water and drink it for tea. It has a subtle taste and fragrance and is quite pleasant.

Another idea that I use for de-stressing and cleansing toxins from my body is to take a bath with a 1/4 cup of ginger and 1/4 cup of baking soda and to soak for 15 minutes. It's very vitalizing and relaxing at the same time! It also has the added appeal of leaving you smelling a bit like a cake afterwards but a quick shower will lessen the impact of the ginger scent if you don't care for it.


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