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Diet / Weight Control Infocenter

Three Steps Toward a Better Body in Two Weeks

(FeatureSource) Studies show that nearly two thirds of American adults are overweight. With busy schedules and fast food temptations everywhere, it can be challenging to stick to weight-loss or workout plans.

Maybe you’ve been putting off your workouts or you’ve been unsuccessful in sticking to your healthy diet plans. Maybe you only have two weeks to get into the best shape of your life. All is not lost. David Kirsch, celebrity trainer and author of the book, “The Ultimate New York Body Plan,” (McGraw-Hill) offers an intense nutrition and fitness system to reshape the body in as little as two weeks.

In addition to training Victoria’s Secret models and running his full-service personal training club in Madison Square, NY, Kirsch was the trainer on ABC’s “Extreme Makeover” reality show. “My task on the ‘Extreme Makeover’ show was daunting. I was asked to help women completely makeover their bodies in just 14 to 21 days,” says Kirsch, “so I modified the traditional nutrition and fitness program that I generally prescribe to be much more intense.”

Kirsch’s program generates fast results, but is not easy. Heidi Klum, Victoria’s Secret model and one of Kirsch’s clients says, “I take care of myself but I’m not the most motivated exerciser in the world, and if I went to the gym on my own, I’d probably end up doing a little bit on the bicycle and calling it a day…but with David, I know I’ll get some real results because he’ll kick my butt into shape!”

From “The Ultimate New York Body Plan,” here are three steps to getting started. You can use these ultimate techniques to begin the journey toward transforming your own mind and body in just two weeks:

1. Motivate yourself.

It will take commitment and stamina to transform your body in two weeks. The trick is to find and identify a challenge- something that evokes passion and meaning in your life. To find your true source of motivation, ask yourself these questions:

Why am I taking this two-week challenge?

What do I hope to accomplish in 14 days?

What do I hope to discover about myself in the next 14 days?

What mental and spiritual strengths do I hope to build upon during the next 14 days?

2. Stay in touch with yourself.

Keeping track of your thoughts, feelings and progress throughout the 14 days in a journal will help keep you honest. It may also help you get through the toughest days, as expressing your thoughts and feelings on paper is often the best way to correct a problem.

3. Schedule your exercise time.

Kirsch advises you to get your palm pilot or day planner right now and for each of the next 14 days, schedule your exercise time. Writing in your exercise appointments will help keep you from backsliding. Kirsch says, “Once you’ve written in your appointments and they’re staring you in the face, you are less likely to ‘stand yourself up’.”

By taking these initial steps, you’ll be well on your way to becoming stronger and slimmer in two weeks. David Kirsch’s entire reshaping system can be found in “The Ultimate New York Body Plan” (McGraw-Hill).

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