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Surrogate Mother

When the uterus itself is abnormal and cannot nurture a pregnancy, the fertilized egg can be implanted into the womb of a "surrogate mother" who will carry the baby to term.The genetics are all yours, but the "incubation" is not. The major disadvantage is that the surrogate may sometimes refuse to part with the infant.

Surrogate Mother Surrogate Egg

When the woman simply isn't making any eggs herself, a surrogate mother whose egg is fertilized by the male partner’s sperm is yet another option. Unfortunately, this has led to unpleasant legal battles over custody of the child after its birth. Get good legal advice before embarking on the surrogate mother approaches to avoid unpleasant surprises in the end.

Microsurgery to unblock the sperm ducts or to remove varicoceles

A varicocele is a group of varicose veins around the testicles in the scrotum. Ninety percent of all varicoceles are found in the left scrotum. It is generally diagnosed when the sperm analysis shows a large number of tapered and other abnormal looking sperm, with a decrease in motility. A surgery called spermatic vein ligation is the treatment for varicocele. An incision is made in the lower abdomen to tie off the internal spermatic vein. Varicose veins around the testicles drain into the spermatic vein on their way back to the abdomen. After this vein is tied off, blood can no longer back up into the varicocele. This surgery is the most common, treatable cause of male infertility. Studies suggest that pregnancy results in 30 to 50 percent of cases after the male partner has had varicocele surgery.

Microsurgery can also be used to correct sperm duct obstruction.

Sperm Preselection And Delivery

Sperm preselection, in cases of low count or high abnormality rate, the best are skimmed off, activated with a caffeine-like drug and used in any one of several assisted conception processes, such as artificial insemination, In vitro fertilization, etc.

Tuboplasty: Microsurgery for blocked tubes in Women

Tuboplasty is used to correct surgically tube scarring and adhesions in women that result in blockages. It requires 3-5 days in the hospital and another 2-6 weeks for recovery at home. Complications include infections, blood loss, risk of anesthesia, and adhesions and scar tissue forming from surgical procedure.

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