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Alternative Therapies - Men


Treatments of choice may include:
bulletSepia is useful if the man has a dragging sensation in the genitals and no desire for sex.
bulletCannabis sativa is useful if you have a history of marijuana use and a reduced sex drive because of it. You may urinate in a split stream and suffer a burning sensation when urinating. Take one dose of Cannabis sativa 30x or 15c three times daily for up to three days. Follow this program once a month for three months.
bulletLycopodium is the remedy of choice if you have wrinkles in your forehead and a tendency to balding on the top of the head, the so-called "monk's-pattern" baldness. You may often suffer from abdominal discomfort and indigestion. Take one dose of Lycopodium 30x or 15c three times daily for up to three days. Follow this program once a month for three months.
bulletMedorrhinum is good if you are nervous and sensitive, with a history of on-again, off-again impotence. You may also have occasional pain on urination, as well as a number of allergies. Take one dose of Medorrhinum 200x or 200c three times over the course of a week. Stop for two months, then repeat.

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Cold sitz baths may help men increase their sperm counts. Alternating hot and cold sitz baths can improve pelvic circulation in both sexes.

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A hypnotherapist may use symbolic words and imagery to generate healthy and abundant sperm. Stress reduction techniques and hypno-healing may also be practiced.

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Mind/Body Medicine

Emotional stress can lower the level of fertility. If the stress is combined with another "fertility-lowering" condition, such as low sperm count, then it can lead to infertility.

Several therapies can reduce stress and encourage relaxation, including
bulletGuided imagery
bulletCreative visualization
bulletSupport groups

One proof that mind/body medicine is an effective part of infertility treatment is a University of Massachusetts study that showed that infertile couples who joined support groups were more than twice as likely to conceive children compared to couples who didn't participate in any groups.

Several times a day, set aside 15 to 30 minutes for relaxation exercises followed by guided imagery exercises related to the reproductive system.

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Guided imagery

MInd Body Medicine for Stress Management

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Prayer/Spiritual Healing

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