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The Marriage Chronicles - A Smokin' Hot Night
by Jodi Duncan

Despite my best efforts to prove the old “pennies in a jar” wives tale to be silly, I realized after the first year of marriage, that it may not be a “tale” at all. My husband and I had been trying to get pregnant from day one of our honeymoon. The first year it was just frolic and fun, but after a year of not getting pregnant we became rather determined. I had started taking fertility pills a few months prior and still nothing. Sex had become a regimen; the ovulation predictors dictated our love making schedule and it had become something of a chore, rather than an intimate moment shared between lovers.

As I strolled through an online message board dedicated to woman trying to get pregnant something stood out in my mind. Several women suggested that their husbands had started feeling “used”. Sex on demand was less than a turn on and the act was treated more like a bank deposit then a soulful union. That’s what I had become….a bank teller. “Please make a deposit, and then be on your way…”

Feeling a bit guilty I planned a special night for my husband. Rather than run up to him screaming “It’s time! It’s time!” I thought I’d be a little more subtle. I bought a naughty nighty. I created some mood music and put candles strategically around the room, so there would be just enough light that he could see my sexy outfit, but not enough to show any cellulite. When everything was perfect, I put note on the door inviting him to the bedroom.

He was totally “wow’d” and smiled from ear to ear. Once I saw the look of sheer delight on his face I knew that this was a good decision. “We’re going to have on-top-of-the-covers-sex tonight”, I whispered. And so we did.

As we lay face to face (at the bottom of the bed) gushing out niceties about each other, something made us pause. “What’s that sound?” We asked each other. We rose up to discover the bed, pillows, and books along the headboard going up in flames! “Don’t freak out!” He said quickly, knowing I was on the verge of doing just that. “Just stay there!” He rushed the pillows and books out of the bedroom, and with the smoke alarm blaring I laid there, hips elevated, while he patted out the flames, opened the windows, and tried to get the alarm to shut off before our neighbor, the volunteer fireman, came over and caught a glimpse of me in all my glory.

Once the smoke cleared and the ashes were brushed away, all we could do was lay there and laugh. Every time one of us looked over at the other one, we’d start giggling again. “I wanted a hot steamy night,” I said. “I guess I accomplished that!”

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Jodi Duncan attended Kansas University and is an advertiser/marketer for a financial firm in Salina, KS. Married in 2002, Jodi, her husband, and their many pets enjoy small town living, which includes golfing and movies. www.thecomputertutor.ws

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