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Alternative Therapies - Female


Constitutional treatment for both partners is the best approach. Helpful remedies include:
bulletSabina 6c for women who have had miscarriages before 12 weeks.
bulletSepia 6c for irregular periods accompanied by a sensation that your womb is about to drop out of your vagina, feeling chilly, weepy, irritable and have a lack of sexual desire.
bulletNatrum muriaticum
bulletSilica as a constitutional remedy.
bulletAurum for tired people with lack of sexual desire and depression.
bulletConium for women whose breasts feel tender, with pockets of hard swelling, and whose desire for sex is ebbing.
bulletLycopodium for women who have a dry vagina and tenderness in their lower abdomen over the right ovary.

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There are many nerve endings on the skin surface. These deal with the reception of stimuli. Most of these are cold receptors as opposed to hot receptors. If water of a different temperature to that of the skin is applied, it will either conduct heat to it or absorb heat from it. These stimuli affect the sympathetic nervous system and the hormonal system.

The greater the difference between the temperature of the skin and the water applied, the greater will be the potential for physiological reaction. Alternating hot and cold sitz baths are useful in improving pelvic circulation.

On the other hand, if the water is of the same temperature as the body, it has a marked relaxing and sedative effect on the nervous system. This, so called neutral bath, has great value in stress management and relaxation.

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Hypnotherapy involving cell command therapy, hypno-healing and self-hypnosis can help with relaxation and stress reduction and also provide positive affirmations for health, energy and well-being.

A hypnotherapist may suggest age regression to uncover a woman's subconscious fears of pregnancy, childbirth and motherhood, of hospitals and medical treatment, or of recreating her own childhood or of a threat to her marriage by the arrival of a new baby.

Research at the Chelsea and Westminster Hospital in London, UK showed that hypnotherapy can reduce stress levels and help some women to conceive. Hypnotherapy may also help to uncover fears about labor, motherhood, hospitals, or the child as a threat to your relationship.

You can use affirmations such as the following to improve your emotional well-being and improve your self-esteem.
bulletMy body is strong and healthy and can become healthier each day.
bulletMy female organs are in good shape.
bulletMy body chemistry is effective and balanced.
bulletI eat healthy nourishing food.
bulletI'm learning to handle stress.
bulletI'm calm and relaxed.
bulletI work efficiently and competently
bulletI have the freedom and confidence to enjoy life.

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