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Alternative Therapies - Female

Bach Flower Remedies

This therapy can help you to deal with any negative feelings you may have about infertility, its prognosis and treatment. For example, white chestnut may be recommended if a woman's mind is "tormented by upsetting and repetitive thoughts." Willow may be suggested for introspective thoughts.

Select the remedy that most closely fits your emotional tendencies and concerns, and take it as needed, following the directions on the product label.
bulletBeech is the remedy to choose if you are full of impatience.
bulletChoose Cherry Plum if you are fearful and feel you have no control over events.
bulletElm can help if you are burdened by feelings of inadequacy.
bulletHolly will ease anger and temper sharp words.
bulletImpatiens is helpful against impatience and nervousness.
bulletMustard is useful for sadness and despair.
bulletWhite Chestnut helps to counteract a tendency to obsesses about the situation.

In ancient cultures, the pomegranate was a symbol of fertility. Therapists recommend the essence Pomegranate to women who are trying to conceive. It is believed to have a balancing effect on the female reproductive system. It is also good for emotional issues surrounding sexuality and motherhood.

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Color therapy

Color affects the mind, body and spirit. It is proven that people are affected both psychologically and physically by different colored light. Color healers work with the various principles of certain colors to bring about effective healing.

A variety of techniques may be used to expose the person to the color - through direct light, gems, jewelry, perfume, clothing and colored glass. You may also meditate on colors and eat the appropriately colored foods. For example you may wear silk squares next to the skin, or as under or outer clothing.

The color used depends on the condition to be treated:
bulletWear oranges if you suspect hormonal imbalance at adrenal gland level
bulletWear reds to give energy and vitality if the problem is ovarian, and
bulletWear violets if the pituitary gland is implicated.

Use the following colors fifteen minutes each, one after the other daily:
bulletRed-fifteen minutes
bulletYellow-fifteen minutes
bulletGreen-fifteen minutes

We recommend that the color therapy be used after the aromatherapy for optimum, results.

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