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Alternative Therapies - Female


Gerald Epstein, M.D. suggests the following visualization in his book ‘Healing Visualizations,’ to help women overcome infertility.

Close your eyes, breathe out three times and imagine walking into a beautiful garden. There you find a tree and a stream of flowing water. Bathe in the water, allowing it to enter and clean all ova, or eggs. Then sit under the tree and enjoy the sunshine and blue sky reflecting through the leaves. Look up to your right and make a prayer for what you want. Do this quickly. Then ask your mate to join you in the garden. Lie down under the tree holding hands. Picture a blue light forming a dome over you. Now go out of the garden holding hands, cradling a child between you.

Do this imagery for two to three minutes once a day for seven days, beginning at the middle of your cycle.

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Mind/Body Medicine

Emotional stress can lower the level of fertility. For example, stress in a woman can affect the hormones being released from the brain's pituitary gland, interrupting ovulation (the release of mature eggs). If the stress is combined with another "fertility-lowering" condition, such as a partially blocked fallopian tubes, then it can lead to infertility.

Several therapies can reduce stress and encourage relaxation. These therapies can help you cope with stress, which may be affecting your ability to conceive. Mind therapies may also reveal unconscious fears, and help those unable to conceive to come to terms with this. Examples are:
bulletGuided imagery
bulletCreative visualization
bulletSupport groups

One proof that mind/body medicine is an effective part of infertility treatment is a University of Massachusetts study that showed that infertile couples who joined support groups were more than twice as likely to conceive children compared to couples who didn't participate in any groups.

Several times a day, set aside 15 to 30 minutes for relaxation exercises followed by guided imagery exercises related to the reproductive system. Have someone else read the script to you, or have it on tape nearby so you can play it right after finishing the exercises. Here's an excerpt of an imagery script:

On the stalk, imagine delicate buds swelling with color and energy and warmth, slowly opening, unfolding under nature's direction. Focus on the gentle wind carrying grains of pollen. Some grains float to the blossoming flower. Watch the blossom welcome the pollen, holding it and closing on it.

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Prayer/Spiritual Healing

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