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Alternative Therapies - Female

Art therapy

Art, light and color therapies goes hand in hand. They are all useful in invoking appropriate responses by affecting mind, body and spirit.

Through art therapy, both adults and children can be helped to express their inner needs and desires and to record the content of dreams and meditations. Art can be a key to the door of the inner mind, externalizing thoughts and feelings and thus giving insight into hidden concerns that may be preventing a person from achieving full potential in life.

Art therapists will try to discover if emotional problems are an underlying cause of the problem and then will use appropriate treatment based on the diagnosis.


Pressure applied to specific points on the hands and feet can help stimulate the ovaries, uterus, and adrenal, pituitary, thyroid, and parathyroid glands to balance hormone production. According to five element theory of Oriental Medicine, infertility is influenced by the water element (Bladder and Kidney meridians) and the earth element (spleen and stomach meridians).

Focus upon building up the kidneys, to increase the likelihood of a successful pregnancy. Give yourself a kidney rub daily and add black beans (a kidney builder) to your diet.

Acupressure points that are important during the preconception period are:
bulletKidney 3
bulletSpleen 3
bulletLarge Intestine 11
bulletTriple Warmer 7
bulletConception Vessel 3

The following points are also important:
bulletLiver 3 relaxes the nervous system.
bulletSpleen 6 and Stomach 36 improve circulation.

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The Chinese believe that infertility is caused by "Patterns of Disharmony," a combination of six different conditions that affect the kidney, liver, blood, and uterus, among other systems. Because the "Patterns of Disharmony" are different for every woman, Chinese fertility therapy is individualized. The therapies may be different, but the goal is always the same - to restore the body's natural balance, rather than to add things (like fertility drugs) to it.

Acupuncture strives to improve the hormonal balance in women by stimulating certain points in the body. This procedure can balance energy and help women to restore their normal biochemical functioning.

A practitioner will give you an individual assessment and stimulate certain acupoints believed to improve hormonal balance and increase energy flow. The following points are important for this condition:

LiV 3, LiV 8, St 36, SP 6, GV 4, GV 3, CV 3, CV 4, CV 6, UB 20, UB 23.

Bar points: Kidney, Subcortex, Internal Secretion, Shen-men.

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