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6 Things Not To Do While Making Love

by: Tim Wintle

Lovemaking should be the ultimate feeling for both of you, but sometimes it can feel less than special. To help you get the most from the moment here are six things which you should avoid doing while making the beast with two backs.

1) Calling out another person's name.

Unless you have both agreed to role-play beforehand this is a definite no-no and it's very likely to get you into trouble with your partner. If you are extremely comfortable together then dropping it in could bring some extra kink into lovemaking as part of a spontaneous role-play, but no matter how close you are, if it comes out too naturally it will always hurt your partner emotionally.

2) Ask if he's cum yet.

This can upset men for two main reasons; firstly that it immediately gives the impression that you are just waiting for the experience to be over (If you are he's not going to finish any faster if he knows that, it'll deflate his ego), and secondly because for a man much of the sexual act is based around orgasm, and the idea that you don't even know his intense moment of pleasure can take from the moment.

3) Excessive groaning

There can be few things that bring greater pleasure than hearing your lover groaning with pleasure, but if you make too much extra noise to try to make your partner feel good you risk the opposite - giving the impression that you are purely putting on a show and possibly removed from the act.

4) Continuing watching TV / Reading a book

Come on, your lover wants to feel you are shaking their world, not that you would rather be watching your favourite soap opera.

5) Pretending they are a specific character.

Role-play can be fun for both partners, and many couples enjoy enacting their policeman/woman, nurse or other fantasies with their partner. You may find your partner isn't quite so comfortable if they think you are imagining them as your childhood pinup or ex-partner, though.

6) Taking it too seriously

If you accidentally do any of the above then make sure you do not do this! Nearly every situation in bed can be laughed off. Which of us has never tripped or fallen over during lovemaking, if you take it too seriously it'll spoil the mood, laugh together and sharing the laughter will make you feel closer.
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Tim Wintle is director of pricegasm.com - a shopping comparison site specialising in lingerie, lovemaking enhancers and adult toys which allows users to compare products and save money by finding the best deal across the web.

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