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Menopause and HRT


Alternative Medicine for Menopause


Shiatsu is based on a full oriental medical system, which explains the human body in terms of a network of meridians through which energy (chi) flows. The person falls ill when the flow of energy is disrupted or become sluggish. Shiatsu practitioners correct this energy imbalance by applying pressure at specific points corresponding to the meridian.
bulletMenopausal problems can be treated by shiatsu.
bulletWhen the patient experiences dizziness, ringing in the ears and shoulder pain, the small intestine meridian should be considered because of its relation with the functioning of the ovaries.
bulletStomach and nervous disorders or overeating from frustration are related to the spleen and stomach meridians.
bulletPalpitations and nervous disorders are related to the heart, kidney, and bladder meridians.
bulletPerpetual fatigue, obesity, and headache involve the triple heater meridian while the gall bladder meridian governs hormone imbalance and obesity.

It is important that an accurate diagnosis be made prior to treating menopause.

Quick Relief Techniques

(Source: Eva Shaw, "60 - Second Shiatzu.")

Tension, anxiety and a feeling that the world is "out to get you" can be treated by the following quick shiatsu technique:

  1. Locate the middle point between your eyebrows, directly above the bridge of your nose.
  2. Apply circular massage for a slow count of 30, exhale and inhale deeply, then repeat. For an added feeling of relief, close your eyes during this movement and listen to your breathing while zeroing in on your heartbeat. Repeat as often as necessary. If you find that a smooth, stroking, or pulsating massage works more effectively, use that. Do whatever technique works the best for you.

Suddenly without warning, you feel your mouth begin to turn down, or your shoulders cramp, or just dizzy, cloudy feeling forms around your brain. Do the following exercise:

  1. Locate the shiatsu point on your middle finger on the thumb-side in the lower fingernail area of your right hand.
  2. Using your index finger or thumb, press or massage the spot for a count of 15, then switch to the left hand for a count of 15 before repeating this entire sequence.

To relive bloating, try this next shiatsu combination:

  1. Using your left hand, gently apply a pulsating pressure half way between your collarbone and your navel and continue for a slow count of 30, relax, and move on to step 2.
  2. Place fingers of your left hand four inches up from your ankle bone on your left inside calf. Apply counter clockwise massage for a slow count of 30, relax, and repeat on the right leg. This exercise should be done while sitting, and may be easier if you reach around to the shiatsu spot from the back of your leg.
  3. In a standing position or lying on your stomach, place the fingers of your left hand on your spine, at the spot commonly called the "tail bone". Massage, stroke, or apply pressure to this shiatsu point for a slow count of 30. Relax, exhale, and inhale deeply. Repeat for another count of 30.

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