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 Dr. George Jacob
Heart Infocenter


Alternative and Complementary Remedies


Imagery 1
A glowing sun lights up the heart. The healing light peels away scarring and damage. Then the light slowly spreads through all the arteries, veins and capillaries, disintegrating and dissolving all plaque, obstructions, and blockages. The light slowly becomes a clear green glow, bringing a feeling of deep peace and balance.

Imagery 2

You are inside your bloodstream with a tiny scalpel. You start carefully removing the plaque that is attached to the inside of your blood vessels. Keep clearing this plaque as you slowly swim upstream toward your heart. Once you get to the heart, see yourself easily swimming through the four chambers of your heart and out into the coronary arteries.

Shine a blue healing light on the artery walls. See the walls relax and rejuvenate. Let go of all troubling emotions, which are the root of heart problems. Picture something troubling to your heart, such as anger or grief. Throw it over your left shoulder and let it go.

Imagery 3

A special drain cleaner is being poured into your cardiovascular system slowly. This cleanser is soothing to healthy tissue. However, it totally dissolves plaque and fat buildup on arteries and other vessels. Now track the progress of the cleaner as it scours the coronary arteries and goes through the other major arteries of the body, leaving those vessels free of buildup. Now, the arterial walls are supple and pliant, yet strong and resilient. As the arteries are cleansed and enlarged, the blood flow slows to a normal pace.

Practice any of these imageries three times a day for 10 minutes: morning, afternoon and evening. Do this for 21 days, then discontinue the imagery for one week. Repeat this sequence for as long as needed.

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Caution: These remedies are not meant to be used as a treatment for heart attack. If you suspect a heart attack, seek emergency medical treatment immediately. 

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