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Great Prose  

Book Review

You Choose How To React: Wisdom From A Sioux Indian Story

Fats: For Your Health

Ten Solid New Year's Resolutions

Improve Your Breathing to Reduce Stress and Increase Your Performance

Christmas Message - 2001

Christmas Gift

No Terrorist Can Destroy Our Nation

Principles of Prosperity As Described in the Bible

Ten Steps To A Blessed Day

Why Flag Of USA Is Folded Thirteen Times?

Make Your Life Happy

Suffering - A Christian Perspective

Spiritual Underpinnings Of Sept 11th

America: The Good Neighbor

What to Tell Your Children at Times of Traumatic Events

Spiritual Wisdom in the Aftermath of Terrorist Attacks

What are People Saying?  

Message From the Dalai Lama

Let Visions of War Become an Opportunity for Peace

Patience In Prayer

A Troubled World Greets Rosh Hashana This Year

Everything I Need To Know About Life, I Learned From Noah's Ark...

The Healing Power Of Soy's Isoflavones

Health Benefits of Soy

The Cocoon

Humor: Air Traffic Control Exchanges


Hollywood One-liners


A Beautiful Prayer

Moments in Life - Reflections

Actual Label Instructions

What You Can Learn from Your Dog

Interview With God

Court Room Questions



I Asked God

Thanksgiving Blessings

The Heart of the Beginner

A Mother's Prayer

Great Moments Often Come Unexpectedly 

Friends by Eleanor Roosevelt


Humor: From The Mouths Of Children

Computer Psalm 23

I want to be Six Again

Life could have been better  

Life Is a Reflection of You  

Something To Share, What I Have Learned

Memory Lane

It Is Hard To Shed Our Old Clothes

Shower Blessings, Praise, Love, and Time on Those Around You

Interesting Facts

A Place to Sleep

Take It To The Heart

Who'll Take The Son?

Awesome Power of Prayer

I Have Learned

A Beautiful Sight

Farmer and the Mule

You Are Precious

Obstacles or Opportunity?

Turn Your Weaknesses to Power

Important Recall Notice

Twenty Ways To Being Happy

Humor: Definitions by Gender

Land of My Father By C. R. Patel

The Gift of the Magi

One Solitary Life

The Secret of the Gifts

All the Good Things

Where Love Is, God Is 

A Gift from the Heart

A Mother's Story

Unconditional Acceptance

Washing Food And Food Safety

Poems, Hymns, etc.

Poem: Stop To Smell The Roses

Poem: Treasures Of The Universe

Poem: Love - These I can Promise and Love

Poem: The World in My Mind

Poem: Build Me a Son

Poem: The Sheltering Tree Of Interdependence By Dalai Lama

Little Eyes Upon You  

Hymn: Shine, Jesus, Shine

Christmas Carols

Great Speeches:

President Bush's address on Thursday, September 20, 2001 to a joint session of Congress

Speech By Vice President Al Gore - Concession Speech delivered on December 13, 2000.

President-Elect George W. Bush - Acceptance Speech on December 13, 2000

Work Harder and Smarter