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Natural Remedies for Immunity

Vitamin A and Infections

Vitamin A and Respiratory System Infections

Vitamin A has been found to be very important for combating infection originating in the respiratory system. 

Several studies have shown that Vitamin A is very effective in managing and controlling measles. (1-5) Because measles is partly a respiratory infection, physicians have begun investigating the protective role of vitamin A in other infections, particularly those of the lungs.

Our bronchial tubes and lungs are coated and protected by mucus linings that are depended on vitamin A for its protective powers. Vitamin A appears to be essential in many aspects of normal lung development and function. (6) 

When our bodies are under attack by infection, we need more vitamin A to heal injured tissues at least for a while.(1, 7)

Vitamin A supplementation results in faster healing of epithelial tissues, less risk of secondary infections, and a stronger immune response to the infection.

Vitamin A and AIDS

Vitamin A seems to help people with AIDS. Measles and AIDS trigger a rapid decline in the number of T cells. Vitamin A supplements increase T cell counts and antibody responses.(9)

Researchers gave vitamin A supplements to 118 infants of HIV- infected women. Both mothers and infants (at age one month) had normal vitamin A levels. Half of the infants received vitamin A supplements every three months until they reached fifteen months of age. (Eighty-five of the infants were later diagnosed with HIV infections.) Infants receiving vitamin A supplements suffered fewer illnesses, ranging from simple rashes to respiratory infections, regardless of whether they were infected with HIV. The children with HIV suffered less diarrhea, helping them avoid a deadly cycle of infection, malabsorption, and malnutrition.(10)

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