Ayurveda - Diagnostic Test for Vikruti or Dosha Imbalance

This diagnostic test is designed to determine imbalances in your system that keeps you from achieving your maximum potential. Try to answer as many questions as you can so that you can get a rather accurate picture of your Vikruti. After completing the test, click on the button marked Done.


Select from the list the
option that best applies to you

Nail biting
Rough, flaky skin, chapped skin, lips
Heart palpitations
Fainting spells
Weakness due to low blood sugar
A sense of failure
Night sweats
Allergies, asthma
Cough, sore throat
Sluggish digestion, food "just sits" in the stomach
Cyst and other growth
Edema, water retention, Bloated feeling
Intestinal gas, Belching, hiccups
High blood pressure
Intolerance to cold and wind
Dry, sore throat, dry eyes
Intestinal bloating
Sunburn, sunstroke
Intolerance to heat
Problems with vision or "seeing" solutions to problems
Pronounced yellowing of feces and urine
Patchy, florid complexion
Excessive emphasis on possessing, storing and saving things
High cholesterol
Feel withdrawn, insecure or unwanted
Intolerance to cold and damp
Loose or aching joints

After completing the questions click on the button marked "Done" above.



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