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Diagnostic Test for TriDosha

This test will determine your Ayurvedic Dosha based on the answers you supply.

Instructions: The following test consists of statements that describe people. Some of the questions relate to physical traits such as color of hair, eyes etc. Some questions are more subjective. Use your judgment in answering these questions. Answer based on how you felt most of your life, or at least for the past few years. Prakruti is designed to determine your base mind body constitution. Due to various reasons, your present mind-body constitution may be different. However, in this test, try to answer based on how you were when you were well.

There are six buttons marked 0 to 5 to the right of the questions. If the statement does not apply to you at all, click on the button marked 0. If the statement applies to you perfectly, then click on the button marked 5. If the statement is somewhere between these situations, give it a score from 1 to 4 based on how you feel it is relevant to your situation. Remember, the test is aimed at gaining a better self-understanding, not to enhance your self-image. So, be as truthful as you can. To help you get an accurate picture of yourself, you may wish to consult a friend, spouse, or someone who knows you well to see if they agree with your answers.

0 - Does not apply - This statement does not apply to me.
3 - applies somewhat
5 - Applies Most - Strongly agree.

You can only select one out of the five. To select an item, click on the button to the right of the selection. If you want to choose another selection, click on that button. (The latest selection only counts.)

After you complete the questionnaire, click on the button marked Done to proceed. The test, when completed, will give your Ayurvedic mind-body constitution.

The test is broken down into 4 parts to make it simple for you to take it. It is not necessary to take all the 4 parts. However, we strongly suggest that you take the complete test.

To get started, click on a selection below.

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4

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