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 Depression  Holistic-online.com

Nutrition and Mind-Body Integration for Effective Treatment of Depression

Learn more about the heart connection, and practice it. 

Five minutes of pure anger will raise cortisol levels for at least six hours. 

I am always explaining to my depressed clients that while anger may be a logical response to many of life's aggravating events, if we really want to be happy and healthy, it is better for us to learn how to forgive.

I believe that effective counselors of the future will be more like spiritual advisors who can explain the science of how every thought affects body chemistry.

It's not about stuffing our lower selves, it's about learning how to transform them - first, by setting our intentions on a conscious level, and then by using kinesiology or other body-centered methods to reverse a lifetime of self-defeating thought patterns. 
Five minutes of true caring, of actually feeling love and appreciation as opposed to just thinking it on an intellectual level, will change your EKG in such a way as to bring it into a state of true coherence. When your heart EKG is producing these beautiful sine waves, your vagus nerve, the largest nerve in the body, instructs your brain to go into an alpha state. Just about everybody can benefit from more alpha - this is the true flow state, when we are living in seeming effortlessness, accessing higher intelligence. 

With kinesiology, we can learn to embrace what makes us strong, and certainly being around people we care about, and actually learning to move from our hearts rather than our heads, can go a long way to bringing about true joy. Many of the people who work with me are extremely successful and intelligent. I am always explaining that if you really understand that the electrical rhythms of the heart are 30 to 60 times more powerful than the EEG brain activity, you will be more motivated to realize that your deepest intelligence will come from your heart.

Although many of these techniques are simple, it is not always easy for us to change the way we have been living our lives. 

When I work with people, I ask them to make commitments to themselves to engage in one or two new behaviors for one week. I always joke that when new clients come to me, being twinkie eaters, soda pop drinkers, couch potatoes, workaholics, and negative thinkers, I could easily send them off with a prescription to deal with everything all at once - their anger, start exercising six days a week, go off to the health food store and buy tofu and organic vegetables, start juice cleansing, get up every morning and do Brain Gym followed by yoga and meditation, and keep a journal of everything they did right over the past week - and that would go over not in the least. 

None of us has to be perfect in order to be of service, thank goodness. 

I don't believe in perfection - but I do believe in sincere attempts to focus on what is really important.

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