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 Depression  Holistic-online.com

Nutrition and Mind-Body Integration for Effective Treatment of Depression

Balance blood sugar.

Roller-coaster blood sugar leads to roller-coaster moods.

Your muscles may store energy, but your poor brains do not. Your brain depends on blood sugar and to a certain extent L-glutamine. When your blood sugar drops, your cortisol level goes up and your serotonin level goes down.

Your brain is very, very sensitive - it can detect changes as small as 2 mg/dl in blood sugar. That means your mood can change with every meal you eat.

To balance blood sugar, small, frequent meals may be helpful, as well as L-glutamine, and low-glycemic foods. 

People under stress may require two to three times more protein due to high cortisol levels. 

L-glutamine, up to 6 grams a day, has been found very helpful in treating addictions. 
The medical literature talks about how, in the case of manic depression, mood disorders may be highly correlated to addictions, and how going to Alcoholic Anonymous, or other 12-step groups, may be as important for rebalancing the body, as the medication. I encourage my addictive clients to eat every three to five hours. 

Help with brain integration

When you are in a state of depression, your non-dominant hemisphere is 75-85 percent shut down. When you are no longer depressed, there are higher levels of electrical activity on both sides of the brain, and your brain is, what we call in Brain Gym, integrated.

I am not a big fan of EEG biofeedback therapy because it can inadvertently raise certain brain waves - like theta brain waves - too high. Most people with depression have too much theta and/or too much high beta. 

The safest and most effective way I have found to improve brain integration is with a system of mind-body fitness called Brain Gym. I have one friend in Colorado who had a spontaneous remission of life-long manic depression after doing one Brain Gym session to improve his college performance - at the age of 40. Although these techniques were originally developed to help people with learning disabilities, they are radically and surprisingly helpful not only for integrating the brain but for uncovering and reversing the psychological self-sabotage programs that lock many people in a state of depression.

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