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Natural Rescue Remedies for Anthrax

Vitamin A and Infections

Vitamin A and Respiratory System Infections

Vitamin A has been found to be very important for combating infection originating in the respiratory system. Since the mostly deadly form of anthrax in by inhalation, this finding is extremely important in managing the bioterrorism attacks.

Several studies have shown that Vitamin A is very effective in managing and controlling measles. (1-5) Because measles is partly a respiratory infection, physicians have begun investigating the protective role of vitamin A in other infections, particularly those of the lungs.

Our bronchial tubes and lungs are coated and protected by mucus linings that are depended on vitamin A for its protective powers. Vitamin A appears to be essential in many aspects of normal lung development and function. (6) 
When our bodies are under attack by infection, we need more vitamin A to heal injured tissues at least for a while.(1, 7)

Vitamin A supplementation results in faster healing of epithelial tissues, less risk of secondary infections, and a stronger immune response to the infection.

Vitamin A can help in healing of the already contracted disease. It also helps to prevent contracting infectious diseases. Both these effects of Vitamin A has major significance in facing biological agents used in bioterrorism. We will take a look at each of these scenarios.

One single dose of vitamin A {200,000 IU) was found to speed the recovery of forty-seven children infected with chicken pox. Prior to contracting chicken pox, these children had adequate intake of Vitamin A. (2) This shows that otherwise adequate or normal levels of vitamin A may need to be supplemented during the times when our bodies are under attack.

When the researchers gave vitamin A supplements to eight siblings of infected children during the incubation period for chicken pox, the children who were given Vitamin A recovered faster than their siblings from chicken pox. None of the children receiving vitamin A suffered secondary complications; but five children in a control group had complications, including viral pneumonia, conjunctivitis, and gastroenteritis.(8) This shows that vitamin A supplements are useful as a preventive measure. This observation is very important for developing a strategy to combat bioterrorism.

Vitamin A and AIDS

Vitamin A seems to help people with AIDS also. This may have important consequences in managing victims of anthrax and other biological attacks. 
Measles and AIDS trigger a rapid decline in the number of T cells. Vitamin A supplements increase T cell counts and antibody responses.(9)

Researchers gave vitamin A supplements to 118 infants of HIV- infected women. Both mothers and infants (at age one month) had normal vitamin A levels. Half of the infants received vitamin A supplements every three months until they reached fifteen months of age. (Eighty-five of the infants were later diagnosed with HIV infections.) Infants receiving vitamin A supplements suffered fewer illnesses, ranging from simple rashes to respiratory infections, regardless of whether they were infected with HIV. The children with HIV suffered less diarrhea, helping them avoid a deadly cycle of infection, malabsorption, and malnutrition.(10)

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