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Natural Rescue Remedies for Anthrax

How Does Colloidal Silver Work?

In order to understand how colloidal silver works, we must first understand how our body contracts diseases.

Our body encounters pathogens and other foreign entities many times a day. When the body is healthy, it maintains a proper pH and oxygen-rich environment. The pH inside the cells of the body are usually near 7.2-7.4, in the alkaline range. However, the fluid surrounding the cells are usually maintained at a pH near 4.0, which is in the acidic range. Organisms that cause illness and attack the cells cannot survive in healthy cells that have outer fluid pH below ~4.0 and inner cellular fluid above pH ~6.9.

When an individual does not have a healthy immune system and does not maintain a healthy environment in the body, the pH of the outer fluid increases and the ph of the cell inside begins to fall. This reduces the electrical potential of the cell. The oxygen levels in the body decreases. Pathogens that grow in the body can now successfully attack these weakened cells and "set up shop". And we become sick.

Silver maintains a positive charge between the cell and the outer fluid that disrupts the organisms causing the illness. It kills the pathogens by inhibiting the enzyme(s) that these pathogens utilize to survive in their anaerobic environment. Without the necessary enzyme(s) for metabolism, growth, regeneration and survival, the pathogens "suffocate" and die.

Scientists believe that viruses are destroyed in presence of colloidal silver because the electric valence charge of silver particles cause the protective protein coat of viruses and bacteria, also referred to as the "head", to collapse. When this happens, the pathogens cannot replicate or grow. They are then removed from the body by the usual elimination systems of the body - immune, lymphatic, and intestinal elimination systems. This process is so effective that no pathogen has been recorded to mutate against colloidal silver or live in its presence for more than 6 minutes.

What is more important, the viruses and bacteria are not able to develop any resistant strains or immunity to silver.

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